A New Year message from the Club President to all members of LEI:

Happy New Year to all Leicstershire orienteers. The New Year brings New Rules.

NEW! The updated Rules of Orienteering are available to download now!

British Orienteering are happy to announce that the updated Rules of Orienteering v 3.11 Effective 1st January 2024 are now available for download at the ‘News’ page of the British Orienteering website.

This is very important information for all members, especially Event Officials – Organisers, Planners, Controllers, Event Safety Officers, Safeguarding Officers, Coaches and Mappers – as well as all those competing and participating in Orienteering at all Levels.

These updated Rules Version 3.11, and their associated Appendices, are based on those published in Version 3.10, dated 01/01/2023.

This 2024 version is a significant update which reflects the following modifications:

• Brings them into line with IOF policy to equalise men’s and women’s winning times for all age


• Courses tables are updated to take the above into account.

• Duplicated clauses have been deleted.

• Some clauses and groups of clauses have been moved to places where the context is more


• Some clarity improvements

• The use of emboldening to indicate which parts of the Appendices are mandatory.

As a result, there has been a significant change in the order and in the numbering of individual clauses – too many to be able to sensibly itemise.

The Rules Group are also currently consulting with interested parties on a number of changes to the Competition Rules and final versions will be published in the New Year.

Best wishes to all for a good year of orienteering in 2024.

Ernie Williams