Club Organisation

The following downloadable PDFs cover the structure and organisation of Leicestershire Orienteering Club. Much of the day-to-day activities are within the Appendix to the Standing Orders, which will adapt and evolve in response to circumstances and needs of the club. Whereas, the Constitution provides the more permanent basis of the club and can only be amended by a General Meeting of members.

The Club Constitution This establishes the club as a legal and financial entity with members, officers and purposes. (last amended Oct 2023)

The Club Standing Orders This provides more details of the operation of Committees and the role of the three main Club Officers. (last amended Nov 2023)

Appendix to the Standing Orders   This covers the committee structure and who does what. It also includes important policies on events, mapping, environment and safeguarding. (Updated November 2023.)

The club Development Plan 2016-2019

The Club Financial Policy (updated May 2021)

Privacy Statement (updated Nov 2020)

LEI Survey of Members’ Views – Autumn 2015