Skills Development

Information about the club’s coaching activities and skills guides are on the Orienteering Skills page.

Become a club coach

Qualification Levels
Any orienteer over 14 years old and can become a coach. The club is keen for more people to take coaching qualifications and to assist or lead sessions. The club can give support for training and financial support can usually be sought from external agencies.

For those wishing to do a one day taster course or just assist the Club coaches then Teaching Orienteering Part 1 could be attended. However most of the day needs to be repeated for the UKCC Level 1 qualification.

British Orienteering has a four level Coaching qualification with UKCC Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Orienteering being the first stage. The training course takes three days, two days instruction and one day assessment.

For more information about coaching see the British Orienteering Coaching Award Scheme page

Useful Documents

Session Plan – A blank form to help in planning a coaching session can be downloaded from the link below (pdf format):

Safeguarding and Safety

 The BOF ‘Introducing Safeguarding’ e-learning course takes approximately one hour to complete. see

See Guides and Forms for the Risk Assessment form and Accident procedure guide

The Safeguarding page covers the club’s welfare policy, procedures and the process for getting a DBS check.

Coaches should be familiar with the club’s Codes of Conduct.

The club’s policy is:

  1. All coaches MUST undergo a safeguarding course prior to operating as a coach.
  2. All coaches MUST have a coaching licence.
  3. All coaches MUST have a DBS, which needs to be renewed every 3 years.
  4. All coaches MUST have a first aid qualification.
  5. All coaches MUST ensure that there is another adult present when coaching juniors, preferably a second coach. NEVER COACH ALONE.

Participants’ Medical Forms
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Adult Medical Form
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Parental Consent and Medical Information Form

Coach Clothing

LEI Club coaches are entitled to reclaim the cost of a Coach jacket from the Treasurer.

Order fleece through the Treasurer, quoting size and Preferred name. Current supplier is:


Manufacturer Uneek; Style Ladies U607 or Men U604

Level 2 coaches are entitled to reclaim the cost of a Coach waterproof jacket from the Treasurer.

Waterproof Jacket Style is: Regatta Ashford Breathable Waterproof Jacket (RG055)

Order jacket through the Treasurer, quoting size. Current supplier is: