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Midland Championships. Latest Update 16th March 18

We have now finalised the revised arrangements for parking at Belvoir.
Parking will be in two locations. The Castle Car Park and the Estate Roads.
The Castle Car Park, has a 5 minute walk, downhill to the arena. For competitors not needing to go to the arena for bibs or hire dibbers an alternative route takes you to start S2 which is a 15 minute walk. Again downhill.
Parking on the estate roads. There are two walking routes from this car parking area. Both start by returning along the access road for about 250 m. There is then a choice of two routes.
One to the left goes direct to start S2 along a flat metalled road and is a 15 minute walk. This route does not go via the arena. The distance from Start S2 back to the arena is a 15 minute, uphill walk.
The route to the right goes to the arena and start S1. The arena is a 25 minute walk, mainly gently uphill along a metalled road. Please be aware of traffic.
Start S1 is 1.5km from the arena marquee, as originally detailed in the Final Details.
Start S2 is a 15 minute walk from the arena marquee.
Parking at the Castle is limited. When it is full, parking will be on the estate roads. If you are young and fit please volunteer to park on the estate road. Likewise, if you can go direct to Start S2 the easiest route is from the estate road.

Thank you. The Event Team.

Midland Championships at Belvoir

Belvoir Car Parking Arrangements.
As you will probably appreciate the weather, over the last few weeks, has not been kind to event organisers. The 24hrs of heavy rain in the East Midlands at the start of this week has exacerbated our problems. Most of our original car parking is totally waterlogged and unusable.
We have been working with the Belvoir Estate staff to relocate the car parking. As of today, we have been able to put together a solution, which is not ideal but does enable the event to go ahead. Parking will be on a mixture of Estate Roads and the private car park adjacent to the Castle.
Entry to the car parking areas will now be via the Belvoir Estates conference/wedding entrance which is about 400m north of the original car park entrance. Please follow the signs and the marshal’s instructions. Please be patient, the car parking team will, to some extent, be winging it on the day. Please can I ask that you follow the travel instructions as detailed on the final details. It is now even more important for safety that you travel via Denton and Woolsthorpe as apart from the safety of our own competition, we have been notified of a cycle race taking place on the other roads around Belvoir.
The down side of these revised arrangements is that the distances to the two starts will be extended by up to 2km and the arena will not be adjacent to the car parking.
There will, however, be plenty of room for club tents alongside the run in.
Please note that the weather forecast for the weekend has improved and snow showers are less likely, but, it is predicted that the wind chill factor will take temperatures down to -5. Please take this into consideration when preparing for the event and bring a waterproof jacket with you.

CompassSport Cup Heat

A REALLY BIG THANK YOU to those club members who made the long journey to Shouldham Warren. We came second behind NOR, by a tiny 22 points. This means we missed out on going to the final by 11 places!

Notable results from the heat were the course winners.

  • Anna Barber – course 8B,  (100 points)
  • Chris Bosley – course 7,  (100 points)
  • Julie Ferris – course 5, (100 points)
  • Libby Barber – course 9B,  (100 points)


Hopefully next year, more members of the club will compete at the CompassSport Cup heat. As always, the club with the biggest team wins and as a CSC “Large” club we should be getting close to 125 members competing.

Well Done to The LEI Junior Squad

Well done to the LEI Junior Squad at the Yvette Baker Trophy Heat at Cademan Woods. We came joint first with OD on 890 points. This was an amazing result and I am really proud of everybody who took part. This will be the 7th year in a row LEI have qualified for the national final.

The results can be found on the LEI website:- http://www.leioc.org.uk/wordpress/lei_results/2018/cademan18/team_yvette_baker_trophy_qualifier.html

LEI course winners from the event are:-

Yellow Girls – Robyn Jarvis
Orange Boys – Ben Glover
Light Green Girls – Caitlin Chafer
Green Girls – Imogen Wilson

Club Captain – Roger Phillips

New Advice for Course Planners

An updated and revised version of Ernie William’s event planners guide, ‘Thoughts on Planning’ can be downloaded from the ‘Event and Activities Guides and Forms’ page. These will be very helpful for both novice and experienced planners when planning Level D (e.g. summer league) or Level C (e.g. EM League) courses. Other competitors may also find it interesting in understanding the thinking of planners and the levels of difficulty of each course.

CompassSport Cup Heat 11th March revised entry arrangements

Please enter yourself on Fabian4 (system expected to be open shortly.)