What is Orienteering


Codes of Conduct

Leicestershire Orienteering Club (LEI) achieved Sport England Clubmark accreditation in February 2008 and this was renewed in 2016 and expires in May 2020. This benefits the club by;

  • encouraging and attracting young members and their families, helping to build a strong future membership for LEI.
  • demonstrating to parents, schools and other organisations that LEI has addressed issues such as equality and child protection so that they have confidence in the standards of what we offer.
  • encouraging LEI volunteers and coaches to develop their skills.
  • raising the profile of Leicestershire Orienteering Club with a listing on the national database and in other sporting directories that will help us attract new members and to grow.

To achieve Clubmark accreditation we were required to demonstrate that we are a safe, effective, child-friendly club committed to providing quality orienteering experiences for young people. This involves;

  • increasing opportunities for juniors to participate in coaching and inter-club competitions,
  • promoting the explorer badge scheme,
  • increasing the number of coaches and volunteer helpers who are DSB checked,
  • developing school/club links.

The codes of conduct and guidance relating to Clubmark were accepted at the February 2008 committee meeting.

Below are links to those documents:
LEI Code of Conduct for Club Officials and Volunteers
LEI Code of Conduct for Parents / Carers
LEI Code of Conduct for Participants
LEI Guidelines for dealing with an incident/accident