Incentives & Badge schemes

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What is it ?
This is an award scheme to encourage and reward young orienteers who are new to the sport.

How does it work ?
This is a five stage incentive scheme based on participants successfully locating controls. The four stages are as

Acorn Certificate10 controls
Tree Award25 controls
Copse Award50 controls
Wood Award75 controls
Forest Award100 controls

The Acorn certificate is a quick introductory incentive. The awards are achieved in blocks of 25 controls. For each stage an A4 certificate is awarded, there is also a multi coloured woven badge for the Tree and Forest Levels. Achievement is monitored by recording controls on a progress card, called a log book. Controls located for one award count towards the next.

How do I get a log book ?
Log books can be obtained from the LEI club shop at an event or you can download a log book. (This opens as a .pdf file in a separate window. This can then be printed using the print icon immediately above the text.)

How do I earn a control ?
Coaching sessions will be allocated a set number of controls that you can count towards an award. These will be agreed by the lead coach at the coaching session and may vary from one coaching session to another. If you are competing in an event, every control (subject to a maximum – Tree 16, Copse 14, Wood 12 and Forest 10) you visit will count as one control. You may only count one course from any event. All controls claimed must be signed off by your coach.
How do I get my award ?
If you attend a club night give your log book to the club coach. If you do not come to club night simply take your fully signed log book to the club shop at an event and you can get a certificate and/or a badge.

The club provides you with all the awards for free.

Colour Coded Awards

There is a national colour coded award scheme and details vary slightly from region to region. In the East Midland, Certificates are awarded to those achieving three performances at the required standard. Each club makes its own arrangements to present certificates.

A Colour coded award is available at each colour coded level. It is achieved by completing three White courses. For all other colours, the standard is faster than the average of the first three finishers time plus 50%. There is a separate ladies standard.

East Midlands clubs are expected to display on their results the standard times for each Level C event. So you should be easily able to see how you performed.

The LEI Colour coded Awards Officer records performances at East Midland League events. He arranges for certificates to be presented at Club nights to those achieving the three performances at the required standard. If you want to add events from other regions please contact the Club’s Colour coded Awards Officer.

Racing and Navigation Challenge

British Orienteering – Incentives
British Orienteering operates an automated system of awards based on results submitted by clubs for the larger events. Certificates are emailed to the registered email address (eg Parent).

National Badge Scheme

This is operated by British Orienteering and is based on good performances in the top two levels of races. On top of this there are Championship Badges based on three excellent performances in the National & Regional Championships in one calendar year.

Full details are on the British Orienteering website