Summer League Winners

The overall Summer League winners were Ben Glover (Open) and Liz Phillips from OD (Women).

The LEI top scorers were Ben Glover (Open) and Jane Dring-Morris (Women).

The Junior winners were Ben Glover (Open) and Elie Simpson (Women).

The Sprint/Urban League winners were Andy Nicholls (Open) and Liz Phillips (Women). The top LEI Women’s score was Jane Dring-Morris. The top Junior was Ben Glover.

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Award Winner – Ernie Williams

The 2022 winners of the Annual Club, Coach and Volunteer Awards were annouced last week. Ernie Williams was awarded for his ‘Continued Contribution to Orienteering’. Ernie started orienteering in the early days of the Leicestershire club in the 1970’s and has served in many capacities through out the years at club, regional and national level.