Introduction to Orienteering

Want Adventure, Fun, to look good or Keep fit?
Try our Introduction to Orienteering in November

What is Orienteering


Recent Results

Sunday 12 November
Shepshed Urban

Thursday 2 November
Glenfield Night Winter League Event

Saturday 28 October
Super Saturday Hermitage

Wednesday 18 October
Western Park Winter League Event

Sunday 15 October
Burrough Hill

Saturday 23 September
Super Saturday Hood

Sunday 17 September
Tunnel Woods Club Champs

Friday 25 August
Junior Summer League Table

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Yvette Baker Trophy

Congratulations to the 31 juniors of LEI’s Yvette Baker Trophy team who achieved 5th Place in the national final
with 842 points (out of maximum of 899). This result means that in the 2014 competition, LEI will once again be counted
as a seeded team. On such a hot summer day, with many people suffering from hay fever, this was a fantastic result for LEI.

As many of you will have heard our president, Ernie Williams collapsed after completing his run at Belton Park and was
taken by ambulance to Lincoln County Hospital with a suspected heart attack. After a stay in hospital and extensive tests
it appears that Ernie didn’t have a heart attack as such, but the jury is still out on Angina or some other heart related
problem. Hopefully he will back orienteering very soon.

Results from the Yvette Baker Trophy

Rob Lines photo’s from the Yvette Baker Trophy

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