What is Orienteering


Sprint Planning Competition

Download Sprint Planning Competition files (zipped folder)

Closing Date 5th July

  1. The competition is open to all and is to plan courses on the sprint map (see attached). The start and the finish are marked, as is the final control.
  2. There are three courses to plan, M21, W50, Yellow (TD2). Competitors can plan any or all of these courses. Winners will be selected in each class with an overall champion.
  3. The challenge is entirely a desk bound exercise. You are not expected to visit the area. Indeed, you are specifically instructed not to do so.
  4. All trafficked areas are assumed to be safe for these courses.
  5. Please download free Purplepen software from their website (purplepen.golde.org) to prepare your course(s).
  6. The winners will be selected by the judges based on the following criteria:
    1. Appropriate technical difficulty.
    2. Appropriate length. Noting that we’re looking for a 12-15 minute winning time for a top runner on each course.
    3. Interesting aspects of the courses, mixture of leg lengths, good route choices, courses that require you to keep in contact with the map.
  7. Please email your PurplePen file to Ed Chester () labelled with your name in the file title. Entries close at midnight Sunday 5th July.
    1. Please don’t put your name on the map or the courses.
    2. Please name the PurplePen file with your name.

Judges will receive unnamed maps.

Judges are:
Peter Hornsby was winner of the Chichester Trophy for his 2013 Loughborough University Map & he redid it for 2019 Championship
Iain Phillips was the planner for the British Sprint Championships 2019