Safeguarding and Safety

Safeguarding Juniors and Vulnerable Adults

The Welfare Officer role is to safeguard young people and vulnerable adults by the promotion and implementation of the British Orienteering, O-Safe – Child Welfare Policy and Procedures at a club level ( British Orienteering Key Documents). She is also the first point of contact in the club for the reporting of concerns relating to the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults.

Reporting a Safeguarding or Safety concern

If you are concerned in any way over the conduct of parents, carers or coaches towards children or vulnerable adults you should contact the Club’s Welfare Officer, Wendy West.

This includes any concerns about safeguarding either within orienteering or outside of orienteering and any concern over adult behaviour related to the welfare of children or adults at risk, including those away from the sport that involves members or participants.

Please report by calling Wendy West on 01664 464003

Or emailing  

Your Duty to Report:

Everybody has a duty to report a safeguarding concern, even if the concern comes via a third party. The Response to Safeguarding Concerns PDF gives advice on how to handle concerns that come to your attention see the. The British Orienteering website also gives advice and a short video on responding to a safeguarding concern.

Codes of Conduct

Codes of conduct have been established for club officials, participants and parents. These must be followed by all participating in activities organised by Leicestershire Orienteering Club or acting on behalf of the club. See the ‘Codes of Conduct’ page for the details.

Disclosure and Barring Service

The club expects all adults who are likely to be in situations that need DBS clearance to obtain such approval. Details are on the British Orienteering web site, which was updated in 2021. The DBS Disclosure Process in England and Wales – Flow Diagram

As there were significant changes to the protection scheme in 2012 and 2021, we expect virtually all coaches and adults supervising children and overnight stays to need clearance. DBS from other organisations are acceptable if less than three years old and are of the equivalent level or higher. The Club Treasurer will reimburse you the fee as long as this is agreed with the Development Co-ordinator.

Privacy of Personal Data

In 2020 Leicestershire Orienteering Club updated its policy on data protection and the rights of individuals to view and any data held about them. View or download the policy statement.

Event Safety

Risk Assessments

The organiser of any orienteering event or activity compiles a risk assessment of the event.  This covers all aspects of safety, the level and potential severity of each risk, the action to be taken to mitigate the risk and who is responsible for ensuring the action is taken.  

An example of a completed risk assessment form and a blank form can be downloaded from the ‘Guides and Forms’ page.

First Aid

There will be a trained first aider available at every event. The club’s policy is that all event organisers and coaches are first aid trained and renew their certification every 3 years. At large events a first aid team, such as St John’s Ambulance, will be in attendance.