What is Orienteering


Bagworth Woods Parking & Registration

Registration for Sunday’s event will be located at Bagworth Working Mens Club, 9 Station Road, Bagworth. Please look out for our orienteering signs.

Full event details for this event can be found on the event page.

Bagworth Sun 7th April

Bagworth Open area

Next event with full range of courses from beginner to experienced planned by Roger Edwards.  Coaching after lunch but you need to pre-book with Chris Bosley.

Event details at http://www.leioc.org.uk/event-details-2/?item=%202072

Parking in Bagworth centre with walk to start. 

Beacon Hill Event Parking & Registration

Registration for Sunday’s event will be located at Beacon Hill Top Car Park. Please look out for our club flag and our tent which will house the event registration.

Full event details for this middle distance race can be found on the event page.

CompassSport Cup 2019

Calling all Club Members!

It’s that time of year again, where your club has need of your orienteering talents.

LEI’s heat for the CompassSport Cup will take place at Sherwood Pines Forest Park, Nottinghamshire on the 17th March.

This a level B event and entries for the cup are via the online form:-  http://ow.ly/7dSw30nw0d4. Please enter a course that is appropriate for your age class.

CS Class CompassSport Course BOF Age Class
1 Brown Men Open
2 Short Brown M20- M40+
3 Blue Women Women Open
4 Blue Men M50+
5 Green Women W20- W45+
6 Green Men M60+
7 Veterans Short Green M70+ W60+
8A Junior Men (Green) Men 18-
8B Junior Women (Short Green) Women 18-
9A Orange Men Men 14-
9B Orange Women Women 14-
10 Super Veterans Short Green M80+ W70+

Closing date is the 1st March. Start times will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so please get your entries in early to get your preferred start time.

In addition to the CompassSport Cup courses, there will be a White, Yellow and Light Green for those unable to compete in the cup.

Junior Social

I have made a provisional booking with Laserforce for our junior social on Monday 25th February.  It’ll be a 6.30 pm start and an 8 pm finish approximately. Please get there 15 minutes early, if possible! (This will be instead of the Monday session at South Charnwood.)

 Laserforce – Devonshire Road, Leics, LE4 0BF(opposite B&Q).

You need to register here for a place (for each person playing): https://goo.gl/forms/byh5orJL4P3thunE2 

We need 18 bookings so please book today.


Problems at the Spring Cottage Event

Regretfully a rather good event has been tarnished by the actions of a few orienteers.

After the event we received a formal complaint from a landowner regarding orienteers crossing land that was clearly marked as private and being asked by the land owner to leave.
The area concerned was around a private dwelling.
The landowner has also informed me that two orienteers used foul and abusive language to him.
Not only are these orienteers in breach of the rules of the sport they have done considerable damage to the reputation of the sport in the area, which will almost certainly have a knock-on effect when we use the area again.
I am currently in the process of trying to identify those orienteers involved, in particular the two that used foul and abusive language to the landowner, with a view to asking, in that particular case, the Federation to bring a charge of bringing the sport into disrepute.

Chris Phillips
Chair LEI