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Midland Championships

Firstly, on behalf of LEI may I say how sorry we are that we had to call off the Midland Championships today. The event team had put together what we thought would be a high quality event. In the end we were defeated by the weather.

The background to the cancellation. The Organiser, Planner and Safety Officer had several meetings on Saturday, the latest at 5.00 pm, with the Controller and the decision was always that we should go ahead.

The event officials reviewed the three different weather forecasts available to us at around 9.00 pm on Saturday night. All three were different! Only one reflected the current situation in Grantham which was light snow falling.

The situation this morning at 6.00 am was, no snow falling and the local roads OK to drive on albeit with care as there was some snow blowing off the fields. When we all arrived at Belvoir, just before 7.00 am it was clear that whilst the event area was OK, access to the Belvoir Estate roads would be a problem. The access to our primary parking area, the Castle private car park would be dangerous. The car park is accessed and exited by steep narrow roads which had a covering of snow. Both roads also formed walking routes to either the arena or the starts. It was clear that a mix of cars, snow and pedestrians was not a safe situation. This was confirmed by the Belvoir Estate Manager. At that stage the decision was taken by the Organiser and Safety Officer to call the event off. The Controller agreed with that decision.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We are grateful for all your messages of support,

Chris Phillips
Chair, LEI

Cancellation Midlands Championships

Parking unusable and unlikely event will be rescheduled

LEI Class Winners at Irchester

Congratulations to the four class winners from the Irchester Middle Distance event

  • Ben Hardy
  • Don Moir
  • Ellen Simpson
  • Roger Phillips

A full list of results from the UKOL event can be found here

CompassSport Cup Heat

A REALLY BIG THANK YOU to those club members who made the long journey to Shouldham Warren. We came second behind NOR, by a tiny 22 points. This means we missed out on going to the final by 11 places!

Notable results from the heat were the course winners.

  • Anna Barber – course 8B,  (100 points)
  • Chris Bosley – course 7,  (100 points)
  • Julie Ferris – course 5, (100 points)
  • Libby Barber – course 9B,  (100 points)


Hopefully next year, more members of the club will compete at the CompassSport Cup heat. As always, the club with the biggest team wins and as a CSC “Large” club we should be getting close to 125 members competing.

Well Done to The LEI Junior Squad

Well done to the LEI Junior Squad at the Yvette Baker Trophy Heat at Cademan Woods. We came joint first with OD on 890 points. This was an amazing result and I am really proud of everybody who took part. This will be the 7th year in a row LEI have qualified for the national final.

The results can be found on the LEI website:- http://www.leioc.org.uk/wordpress/lei_results/2018/cademan18/team_yvette_baker_trophy_qualifier.html

LEI course winners from the event are:-

Yellow Girls – Robyn Jarvis
Orange Boys – Ben Glover
Light Green Girls – Caitlin Chafer
Green Girls – Imogen Wilson

Club Captain – Roger Phillips

New Advice for Course Planners

An updated and revised version of Ernie William’s event planners guide, ‘Thoughts on Planning’ can be downloaded from the ‘Event and Activities Guides and Forms’ page. These will be very helpful for both novice and experienced planners when planning Level D (e.g. summer league) or Level C (e.g. EM League) courses. Other competitors may also find it interesting in understanding the thinking of planners and the levels of difficulty of each course.