What is Orienteering


Event Types

Types of event organised by Leicestershire Orienteers

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Most weekends there are events within the East or West Midlands that members can compete in. There are also midweek events in summer and winter. These vary in the range of courses provided, types of terrain and sophistication of the organisation. Most events have both easy and difficult courses.

In Leicestershire we put on more events than most clubs in Britain.

Most events take place during the day in forest or urban areas and some are at night. However there are many variations:

Forest Urban Night Indoors
forest urban night indoors
Moorland Sprint Novelty Maze
moorland sprint novelty maze

Local events
Events with 3 or 4 courses requiring only a few officials and helpers are held most weeks in the Club’s area. Most competitors at these are LEI members.

League points are allocated allowing for age and gender, so that all compete

East Midlands

Leicestershire hold regional events with up to 8 courses, requiring more stringent criteria and needing many members as volunteer helpers. These events attract people from neighbouring clubs.

Other East Midlands Clubs run a similar number of events.

National/Major Events

Every 1 to 2 years we organise a National event with large numbers of competitors from throughout Britain. These require much advanced planning, complex facilities (such as car parking and results displays) and most club members helping out. Examples are:

2013 April British Sprint Championship, Loughborough
2014 Easter JK International Festival Day 3 Long Distance, South Wales
2016 February British Night Championship, Thringstone
2016 October British Schools Score Championship
2018 Midlands Championship
2018 World Ranking Sprint events, Loughborough
2022 YBT Final
2023 British Schools Score Championship
2024 JK Sprint