What is Orienteering


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Winter League

The Winter League consists of a number of level D events taking place from September to February. They include night events, weekend daytime events and Wednesday events during half term week. There is usually a social venue (pub) for competitors meet afterwards.

Trophies are given for Men Open, Women Open and Junior.

League table:
After 2 events you will register in the results table with your best 5 scores counting. Each competitor’s scores are calculated as follows

  • Long Course: 100 points is awarded for the average time of top 3 competitors and then score is 100 x average time/your time so competitors can score over 100 points
  • Medium Course: 75 points to winner then score is 75 x winners time/your time
  • Short Course: 35 points to winner then score is 35 x winners time/your time

The scores are then given a handicap depending on age class. M21 is scratch and for each age class older or younger, a cumulative 4% is applied. For Women’s classes, W21 is M21 +4%. With a further 4% added per age class in each direction.

Unlike the summer league no points are given for attendance.


Wednesday 18 October Winter League 1 Western Park Details
Thursday 2 November Winter League 2 Glenfield Night Urban Details
Saturday 25 November Winter League 3 Hicks Lodge (& Saturday League 3) Details
Thursday 28 December Winter League 4 Fosse Meadows Night Details


Wednesday 3 January Winter League 5 Sence Valley Night Details
Saturday 20 January Winter League 6 Moira Furnace Saturday League 4 Details
Tuesday 30 January Winter League 7 Outwoods Night Details
Wednesday 14 February Winter League 8 – Beacon Hill Details

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