LEI Planning Competition

There were entries from all over the UK with nearly everyone entering all three courses so there was a lot of discussion to have . The judges spent many hours individually producing their short lists and many more hours together (over Zoom) discussing the entries and agreeing, eventually, the rankings. Obviously, it’s a subjective decision, with the judges finding good parts on all courses. Based on the vaguely defined criteria of leg interest, variation and use of the area, with the rather more definite length and height the winners were: –

  • M21E: Chris Bosley (LEI)
  • W50: Chris Branford (WIM)
  • Yellow: Steve Whitehead (EBOR)

Highly Commended entries (nearly winners, but not quite) were: –

  • M21E: Charles Bromley-Gardner (BAOC), Steve Whitehead (EBOR)
  • W50: Charles Bromley-Gardner (BAOC), Steve Whitehead (EBOR)
  • Yellow: Charles Bromley-Gardner (BAOC), Alastair Paterson (LEI), Jim Prowting (TVOC)

A special mention to Charles for getting HC in all three courses, but always being pipped by a different course for the win and to Steve Whitehead for getting all his entries mentioned too. If you did not get a mention then do not despair, there were many ‘steady’ and usable courses that may have lost out by not having that little bit of magic. In fact two of the best legs are from planners that were not placed.

The start location was deliberately chosen to be problematic for a yellow course. The inclusion of the woodland to the west and south was a tempter to see if anyone would consider using these areas. Mixed terrain is becoming common on the continent but less so in domestic sprints and was considered inappropriate for a Championships course. Fortunately no planner was tempted!

Thanks to all the entrants. We were very impressed with the standard of the courses planned – well done to all.

The winning entries are now on Routegadget: https://www.leioc.routegadget.co.uk/rg2/index.php#243
so you can compare your courses to the winners efforts, and, if necessary, disagree gently with our judgements!

The competition was a bit of fun for lockdown and there are just bragging rights to the winners. However, should you like specific comments on your course(s), please get in touch.

Iain Phillips BSDC19 planner
Peter Hornsby LU mapper