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Sunday 12th February 2023
Compass Sport Cup/Trophy Heat (Beacon Hill)
Clubs have been allocated car parks. Please read the Final Details
Not suitable for beginners.
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  • Event Type - Forest;

  • Registration Times
  • N/A
  • Start Times
  • 10:30 am - 12:30 am
  • Course Closing Time
  • 2:30 pm
Event Level - National

Courses Available
See notes
Electronic Punching
SI Dibber Hire: £1.00, SIAC Dibber Hire: £2.00 - Contactless SIAC available

A qualifying heat in the 2022 Compass Sport Cup and Trophy competitions

Helpers Needed: With over 300 competitors taking part, we need as many helpers as possible on the day. In order to finalised the organisation by mid-january, if you are available to help, please let Chris Phillips know, as soon as possible. He will then send a discount code for your course entry.

Entry Arrangements: LEI member entries and entries for the open courses (Light Green, Yellow and White) are now being accepted by The Start Kite
Team Entries: Members of other clubs should enter offline by communication with their Team Manager. The Entries Coordinator (Iain Phillips) has calculated the start slots and emailed these (as spreadsheets) to the club captains. Club captains must then allocate their runners to their start slots and return the spreadsheets by 31st January. After this, changes to start lists will be permitted at the discretion of the event organiser.

Payment: must be paid to the LEI account by 31st January.

Entry on the Day: EOD will only be for non-competition runs on Light Green, Yellow and White.

Terrain: A large open hill area with significant rock features, mixed woodland and a network of paths.

Clubs competing in the Compass Sport Cup heat: DVO, OD

Clubs competing in the Compass Sport Trophy heat: HALO, LEI, LOG, NOC and SMOC

CompassSport Cup and Trophy: Information about the rules and structure of the inter-club competition can be found at CSC Rules

Safety: A risk assessment has been carried out by the Organiser and all reasonable care has been taken to ensure the safety of competitors. However, participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Organiser - Chris Phillips
Page Updated 25-01-2023
  • Planner - Steve Chafer
  • Controller - Andy Yeates (WCH)

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  • Toilets In car park
  • Large Groups Not suitable for large groups.
  • Dogs On lead only.