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Children enjoy orienteering because it is a fun way to explore wild outdoor areas, to get fit, and to gain confidence with maps.

School Orienteering in Leicestershire and Rutland

  • Many local schools have been mapped enabling basic map reading skills to be practised.
  • Some school groupings arrange festivals and district competition
  • 3 schools have attended national competitions and achieved podium places. In 2018 Leicestershire schools and individual students achieved 1st places in the British Schools Score Championship and British Schools Championship.
  • Several students have been included in the England International Team.
  • Two Students ran for England in the 2017 World Schools Orienteering Championship in Sicily. The boys were silver medalists.

Leicestershire Orienteering Club is keen to build on these achievements by helping schools initiate orienteering activities and to offer opportunities for students to make the transition to orienteering at local club events.


NW Schools Championship, Donisthorpe

2019 over 700 pupils from 30 primary schools and two secondary competed in this annual event in the Spring term.

More Photographs

British Schools Championships October/ November 2018

Boy year 6 winner Long Distance: Daniel Glover, Mountfield Lodge

Boy year 7 winner Score: Ben Glover, Woodbank Vale

Other fixtures

JKPod-Sprint 2
Roll of Honour

2015 British Championship Boy Under 10
        1st – Harrington Leake, St Paul’s Primary, Woodhouse Eaves

2015 World Schools Championship
        England Senior Girls Team: Loughborough High School

2015 Schools Championship
        1st Small Secondary School – Loughborough High School
        1st Primary School -Leicester Grammar Junior School
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Developing Orienteering in Your School

Orienteering is a cross-curricular activity that supports Maths, PE and Geography. The lead in a school could be taken by any subject teacher. Simplified and progressive orienteering activities can start in the school grounds or inside the classroom.

British Orienteering supports the development of orienteering in schools. Advice on mapping, teacher training, community orienteering, competitions and resources can be found on the following link: Orienteering in Schools. Their schools newsletter will keep you informed about curriculum developments and courses (see below). British Orienteering Resources

You may also find links on the Introduction to Orienteering page helpful.

The Leicestershire Orienteering Club can provide technical support, (mapping equipment loan). Contact the club’s Development Co-ordinator (see below) to discuss your requirements.

Permanent Courses

Several schools use Permanent Orienteering Courses nearby. Maps for most of the courses can be downloaded from

For some locations, maps are sold on site, e.g. Bradgate Park.

Teacher Training

The Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre hosts a practical course annually aimed at those teaching beginners at primary or secondary schools. These are at 2 levels, with Level 1 being a prerequisite for 2.

Upcoming national Teacher Training courses are shown on Teacher training courses
Introducing Orienteering elearning course
For teachers and youth leaders, an hour long course with resources for £30.

Mapping your school

A map of your school provides a safe environment for children to get used to reading a map. They can learn the basic skills of lining up the map with what they can see around them, understanding the concept of scale and how symbols/colours can represent objects. If the map is drawn to the ISOM standards they can also learn the symbols and colours used on all orienteering maps. For details about mapping your school download this document: Mapping your school.

List and Map of local schools already mapped

It is possible to create your own map and there is shareware available for this, but most teachers find this is too time-consuming. To discuss getting your school mapped using ISSOM standards contact the club’s Development Co-ordinator (see below).

The club can provide permanent course plaques for schools for fixing with screws (for wood and bricks) or cable ties (for fences).

Computer Timing Equipment

Schools wishing to borrow a free set of timing equipment, dibbers and a results printer should contact the Development Co-ordinator (see details below). For bigger events you may be able to borrow a British schools’ box of dibbers.


 lei_xplorerXplorer is a fun form of orienteering aimed particularly at primary and pre-school children using a simple map of a park and pictures of animals. No experience of map reading is necessary for children or teachers to have fun! To find out more visit

Contacts and Newsletters


You can register for the British Orienteering Schools Newsletter to be kept informed about national curriculum developments and courses. Register your school.

The Leicestershire Orienteering Club produces a termly newsletter for Leicestershire & Rutland Schools.
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BSOA Link British Schools Orienteering Association
Membership is free and equipment can be bought at slightly reduced prices
LEIOC Link Leicestershire Orienteering Club
Development Co-ordinator Roger Edwards
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