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Tuesday 9th August 2022
Summer League 16 Market Bosworth Country Park - Bring-a-Friend Event
Postcode CV13 0LU
Bosworth Country Park view in Streetmap or Google Maps
Grid Refrence SK411031
Beginners welcome, help and advice available.
For more information about what to expect at an orienteering event, please follow the link to the webage - Your First Event
  • Event Type - Country Park

  • Registration Times
  • 6:15 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Start Times
  • 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
  • Course Closing Time
  • 8:15 pm
  • Event Time
  • N/A
Event Level - Local

Pay at event: Seniors £5, Non-BOF Senior £6, Full-time students & working-age unwaged £2.50, Juniors (or Family group shadowing their juniors) £1.50.
Electronic Punching
SI Dibber Hire: £1.00, SIAC Dibber Hire: £2.00 (LEI members can collect vouchers towards card purchase) - Contactless SIAC available

Bring a friend event: Ideal venue to introduce a friend to the sport.

Courses Length/TimeTerrain
Short1.7kmPark only
Medium3.7KmPark and Urban
Long5.9KmPark and Urban
Score45 mins Park only non-league course for ‘bring a friend’

Summer League 2022
The 2022 LEI Summer League consists of 16 taking place from April to August on midweek evenings with Starts from c6.15pm to c7.15pm. They include long, score, sprint and urban events. Your top 10 scores count on the league table. See Summer League page for the full list of fixtures and the current league table.

Parking: pay just before exit. Up to 2 hours £3.

Start times: We are relaxed about actual start times.

Control Collection: Volunteers willing to collect in a few controls each after the courses close would be much appreciated.

Organiser - Roger Edwards
Page Updated 08-08-2022
  • Planner - Steve Chafer

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  • Toilets Yes at start
  • Large Groups (Youth group, Scouts, Running club etc) should let the Organiser know a week in advance.
  • Social Venue TBA

Summer League 16 Market Bosworth

Tuesday 9th August 2022

Summer League 16 Market Bosworth is now closed for entries

Enter Summer League 16 Market Bosworth

Summer League 16 Market Bosworth
with Beginners 45 minute score (find as many as you can).

Number of entries (68)
NameClubAge ClassSi NumberStart Time
Long (23)
Andrew WardLEIM21868093819:00
Roger PhillipsLEIM45811017618:38
Leah WilliamsLUOCW21800224418:44
Alastair PatersonLEIM55828036718:23
Andrew SelbyDVOM45811525218:19
Stephen EdgarLEIM55843822118:28
Edward de Salis YoungLEIM50809015118:32
Ed CochraneNOCM352492518:45
Helen ChiswellDVOW45777197718:37
Andy NichollsLEIM45801254918:40
Peter ChickLEIM75826034419:02
Ian WellsRAFOM6540144918:55
Gerry SpaltonODM75863216218:57
Ben ShannonLEIM35841373518:59
Stephen MartinLEIM60824125918:13
Tom HartlandDVOM45863288118:10
Simon ThompsonHOCM55801124218:41
Karen ThompsonHOCW50801123318:12
Craig ThompsonHOCM14866756418:11
Jo WhiteLEIW45832157719:03
Tanya TaylorLOGW50820107019:08
Alison HardyLEIW55806433618:05
Andy GloverLEIM40865747019:15
Medium (29)
Kevin GallagherLEIM70811104918:15
Maureen WebbLEIW65820313718:16
Kevin BradleyLEIM65828065519:01
Andy PortsmouthLEIM65800305818:30
Chris BosleyLEIM75821034718:20
Roger EdwardsLEIM70800322818:21
Peter DargueLEIM65810564618:17
Jonathan LeeLEIM60833773918:18
Tricia NealNOCW75828713618:25
Andrew SelbyDVOW45806039118:22
Ernie WilliamsLEIM80807064218:24
Robert TitteringtonLEIM8026041318:27
Simon StarkeyLEIM65204986818:35
Derek GaleDVOM75826349918:26
Jen GaleDVOW75826349418:36
Barry McGowanHOCM75814542318:39
Doug DickinsonDVOM75813064518:43
Peter LeakeLEIM804683118:56
Thelma SpaltonODW70814540418:58
Rex BleakmanDVOM75842166518:42
Derek herdLEIM50805096818:14
Iain PhillipsLEIM55863964519:04
Jeff bakerLOGM70801045119:07
Laraine PorterLEIW6022346919:09
Sue PorterLEIW60213934319:05
Jeffrey EdwardsLEIM7533386319:11
Peter HornsbyLEIM65864045719:10
Imogen WilsonINDW21863216919:13
Alison coullingLEIM45HIRE19:16
Score (beginners) (11)
Becky & CameronINDM21HIRE18:46
Steve & LizaINDM21HIRE18:47
John & RichardINDM21HIRE18:48
Amy Linda & PaulINDM21HIRE18:49
Ubong & DanielINDM21HIRE18:50
Charlie, Hardeep, CarinaINDM21HIRE18:51
Ben & GeorgeINDM21HIRE18:52
George & EricINDM21HIRE18:53
Hannah & ChrisINDM21HIRE18:54
Harry ShortINDM40863216819:12
Short (5)
Karen Ives-SmithLEIW55221846818:29
Tracy EdgarLEIM50169694418:31
Aidan ChesterLEIM1089202018:33
Hugh ChesterLEIM103726618:34
Andrew Ives-SmithINDM60221247219:14

Summer League 16 Market Bosworth

Summer League 16 Market Bosworth
with Beginners 45 minute score (find as many as you can).

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