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Wednesday 17th August 2022
Summer League Presentation Buffet and LEI Score Cup at Castle Hill
Postcode LE7 7QX
Near Gynsill Lane Tennis Courts view in Streetmap or Google Maps
Grid Refrence SK555083
Beginners welcome, help and advice available.
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  • Event Type - Score; Country Park;

  • Registration Times
  • Pre-entry from LEI website.
  • Start Times
  • Mass Start at 6.30pm
  • Course Closing Time
  • 7.15 pm
Event Level - Local

Courses Available
45 Minute Score
Pay at event: Seniors £5, Non-BOF Senior £6, Full-time students & working-age unwaged £2.50, Juniors (or Family group shadowing their juniors) £1.50.
Electronic Punching
SI Dibber Hire: £1.00, SIAC Dibber Hire: £2.00 (LEI members can collect vouchers towards card purchase) - Contactless SIAC available

Car parking: on Gorse Hill, approach from Leicester Road Anstey.

Terrain: Most controls are in the country park which is a mix of open land and woodlands. Some controls are also in residential areas. Brambles and nettles in places, so full leg cover needed.

45 min Score Course: All controls of equal value (10pts per control), 10pt penalty for each minute (or part minute) over 45 mins.

Score Strategy: As well as speed and navigation, Score courses present strategic challenges. Your first strategy decision will at the moment of opening your map.

Start & Finish: Close to the parking area. Mass Start at 6.30pm.

Entries: are now open via the link below. Close on Sunday 14th August 2022.

Control Collection: In order to move on to the presentation as quickly as possible, it would be helpful to have many energetic volunteers to help with control collection immediately after the course closes. With 8 or 9 collectors, each would cover less than 1.5Km to collect 3 to 5 controls.

Public Park: Please respect other users of the area including dogs, horse riders, and runners. Take care crossing any roads in the residential area.

The LEI Score Cup: trophies (male and female) will be presented to the top LEI runners at the Club Dinner later in the year. The event though is open to anyone from any club.

Summer League Presentations: Everyone who has run at least two Summer League events, is invited to attend the post event presentation, where there will be food provided. This will be held at Anstey Nomads Football Club. The Nomads are on the north west edge of the Castle Hill map about 1km from where the event is starting from.
As usual there will be a free buffet and guests will be able to buy drinks from the bar in the club.
The evening is open to regular Summer Leaguers from any club. The event is also open to partners of those who have planned/organised one of the events in the league.
Pre-booking is required: If you will be attending, please email Chris Phillips by 10th August, so that we can order enough food. NB entering the event does not equal food at the buffet! Don’t forget to pre-book!

Organiser - Ursula Williamson
Page Updated 12-08-2022
  • Planner - Chris Bosley

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  • Toilets Not at the event.
  • Large Groups Not suitable for large groups.
  • Dogs To be confirmed.
  • Social Venue Presentation evening will take place at Anstey Nomads after all the controls are collected in. All to help. Many hands make light work. Thank you!

Score Cup

Wednesday 17th August 2022
Entries close on Sunday 14th August 2022 at 11:59pm
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LEI Score Cup

Number of entries (47)
NameClubAge ClassSi NumberStart Time
45 Minute Score (47)
David CladingboelLEIM558250166
Andy PortsmouthLEIM658003058
Esther RevellLEIW358210523
Andy GloverLEIM408657470
Ben GloverLEIM168083012
Daniel GloverLEIM14150268
Sue BicknellLEIW758201989
Maureen WebbLEIW658203137
Kevin GallagherLEIM708111049
Bruce BryantODM658120411
Liz PhillipsODW558120412
Andy SykesDVOM558016295
Margaret WilldigODW658401765
Keith WilldigODM708401766
Jane StewODW658145417
Steve EdgarLEIM558438221
Jane Dring-MorrisLEIW508301268
Roger EdwardsLEIM708003228
Steve ChaferLEIM558240793
David JenkinsonLEIM602061452
Robert TitteringtonLEIM80260413
Simon StarkeyLEIM652049868
Kevin BradleyLEIM658280655
Helen ChiswellDVOW457771977
Leah WilliamsLUOCW218002244
Peter ChickLEIM758260344
Mike DallawayLEIM608250662
Alison HardyLEIW558064336
Jo WhiteLEIW458321577
Wendy WestLEIW55442947
Alan WestLEIM60442946
Alastair PatersonLEIM558280367
John MarriottLEIM708480216
Ben ShannonLEIM358413735
Edward de Salis YoungLEIM50890151
Karen Ives-SmithLEIW552218468
Andrew Ives-SmithINDM602212472
Iain PhillipsLEIM558639645
Jeff BakerLOGM708010451
Tanya TaylorLOGW508201070
Peter HornsbyLEIM65876061
Tom HartlandDVOM458632881
Alison coullingLEIW45HIRE
Stephen MartinLEIM608160759
Thelma SpaltonODW708145404
Gerry SpaltonODM758632162
Roger PhillipsLEIM458110176

Score Cup

LEI Score Cup

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