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Organiser's Comments

When we started discussions, about putting on a large Orienteering event, some 12 months ago with the staff at Welbeck College and Beaumanor Hall we did have some apprehension as to how well a sprint type event would be received as an EMOA League event. Judging by the comments after the event and the large numbers of competitors our apprehension was probably misplaced. This was very much a one off opportunity as it is unlikely we will be able to use the area for an event of this scale in the near future

We were to some extent “overwhelmed by demand” and my thanks to all those who gave up their map for “recycling” If you would like a replacement map please email me at with a postal address and I will post you a fresh map. It may take a few days as we will have to print some more.

The Controller has already posted a comment about competitors crossing uncrossable boundaries. Competitors need to be aware that very often fences and hedges, that are clearly crossable, are shown as uncrossable for reason relating to the use of the area.

My thanks to my fellow LEI members for their help on the day and a very special thanks to the Welbeck Cadets for their work on the start team.

If you enjoyed today, join us for the British Sprint Championships at Loughborough University on 20th April 2013.

Chris Phillips

Planner's Comments

We had support from both Beaumanor Hall and Welbeck College to deliver the venues and event. The sprint format was selected as being most appropriate from this area and was a first for the EML.

We were mindful that the club would be putting on the 2013 British Sprint Distance championship and wanted to make sure as many members as possible have experienced Sprint style racing. The courses were, of course, much longer than a Championship event but these tend to use heat and final format.

The easy courses were designed to get progressively harder, but the step up proved too difficult for some of the youngest competitors. They tended to follow the purple inter-connecting line rather than the longer path. Having several more controls and/or making use of smiley faces would have helped them through the tricky southern section. Some similar problems arose with the yellow where non-path handrails may have confused. The Orange course and above were of a very similar standard but with the more difficult route choices being on the longer courses. Route gadget is showing that the routes identified beforehand were all being used.

The need to meet landowner limitations resulted in the use of out of bounds areas, hedges and residential areas, including one added on the Saturday afternoon.

Legs were designed to give two routes as frequently as possible and also make maximum use of the novelty sites in Beaumanor Hall.

Some competitors new to the format where not aware of the sprint requirements, we thought these were widely displayed. Areas marked on the map as out of bounds were reinforced by use of tape and signs, but this was still insufficient to deter crossing of such areas. Crossing of out of bounds prejudices the use of area and the Leicestershire club is sensitive to this as we have already lost an area, and a further wood under the same ownership, when competitors entered gardens areas clearly marked as out of bounds.

Another first for the event was the use of motorised transport to deploy and collect the controls on the Welbeck campus. A real time saver.

My thanks also to all those involved in Control collecting. Ft L T Askew, Howard Alcock Steve Edgar Peter Hornsby, Ian Wells, Chris Bosley & Mark Sherriff.

Roger Edwards