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Planner's Comments

This was my first experience of Level C planning and I hope that the courses were a suitable challenge for your Sunday morning. I tried to use a mixture of long and short legs finishing with a an uphill slog to a sprint-style finish on the college campus. The bridges across the brook provided a challenge for route choice on some of the courses and the limited about of climb at the North end of the map choices for others. For the under 16s’ courses I tried to provide an orienteering challenge given safety requirements and the available area, which lead to some constrained running.

I can only apologise for the misplaced control affecting courses 2 & 3, a result of miscommunication between the planner and controller. I thought that we had got everything right, but as the first runners came back reporting it to me my heart sank. After 6 months of work planning, you can be assured that I was much more upset than any of the competitors. I’ve been vocally angry at other events when controls have been misplaced, and now I’m on the other side of the conversation.

The organiser will explain what changes have been made to ensure the most appropriate results

Iain Phillips

Organiser's Comments

It is always to a pleasure to welcome orienteers to a new area. Pre event was not without its challenges in terms of mapping and obtaining permissions. However as we had one of our largest entries for an Urban I think it was worth while.

Apologies for one or two things that went a little askew on the day. It was only at the last minute that we were informed that Severn Trent Water would be undertaking emergency repairs and that at some stage the water would be turned off for short periods. However the planner and controller were a little surprised to find a large hole at a control site during their early morning perambulations.

As competitors will be aware control 218 was incorrectly located and some orienteers spent time looking for it, others by virtue of their route choice found the control without any time loss. This is clearly unfair and I have decided to void the legs into control 218. Additional as some competitors found the tape marking the correct site of 218 and assumed the control had been stolen/removed did not search for the missing control and therefore did not punch any SI box at that location; I have also voided the legs from 218 to the next control.

I am also aware, that for some reason we have not yet been able to explain the SI box on control 180, at the 30 sec timed out road crossing in the school, was 49 sec ahead of the SI box on Control 181. We are at the time of writing these notes endeavouring to make a manual adjustment to the timings.

My thanks to the LEI team for all their hard work on the day and before the event.

Chris Phillips