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Organiser's Comments

I hope everyone enjoyed the event at Hick's Lodge today despite the weather and mud. There were quite a few notices at the start and thank you to everyone for taking these into account and especially keeping off the cycle only tracks. Despite the restrictions imposed on us I hope you agree that Simon and Chris as planner and controller did an excellent job in making the most of the area.

Many thanks to those who helped recycle maps at the end of their runs. If anyone is missing a map and would like a copy sent through, please let me know. (my email is below)

I have only collected one item of lost property which is a large pair of black gloves so if they belong to you please email me at

As a first time Level C organiser I am particularly grateful for the help from Simon and Chris and all the LEI plus 1 HOC (thank you brother) volunteers for their help on the day.

Finally I would like to thank Chris Hart the Hick Lodge Ranger and the Forestry Commision for helping gain the permissions in time to allow the event to go ahead today.

Stephen Chafer