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  Lost Property - 1 black fleece, 1 black thermal top, 1 pair blue O trousers and 1 flannel in a bag. Contact Steve Edgar () to claim.

Planner's Comments

At times over the last 4 months it seemed that Fineshade would present me with all the trials and tribulations that could beset a planner.

As the winter months passed and the water levels increased and "new" water features appeared on the map, I did wonder, as Ursula and I paddled ankle deep "tagging" control sites, if it would be possible to offer an event of reasonable quality. Thankfully the fairly dry spell of the last couple of weeks had lessened that worry. One consequence of the bad weather was the closing, just a few weeks before the event, by the Forestry Commission of part of the Mill Trail, due to weather damage. So it was back to the computer for a redesign of all the courses. In hindsight I don’t think that presented too many problems and may even have enhanced some legs by forcing competitors to run directly rather than using the paths.

Unavailability, at the last minute, of the area to the west and south of the old railway cutting only affected the Brown Course, forcing me into a third redesign and the use of a “two part” map.

My apologies for the misplacing by 10m of control 172 - I really must learn my east from my west.

My thanks to Ursula Williamson for her help as my assistant planner, particularly for the slog over the weekend putting out the controls. Thanks also to Mike Capper for his “gentle touch” controlling, even when it was going wrong!

Chris Phillips

Organiser's Comments

Firstly (subject to no late issues) I would like to congratulate DVO and LOG on their respective winning performances today.

Secondly, I would like to thank all the LEI helpers today, especially those that I didn’t manage to thank personally at the end. Today’s exceptionally nice weather made volunteering better than it could have been. I hope that all of you that had to park at Wakerley enjoyed the shuttle bus service. Despite many variations during the organising process, it seemed to work well (well no one complained directly to me – despite the first bus driver needing a break as soon as he arrived!) These arrangements were far better than the original plans of everyone having a long journey from Rockingham.

We did have some comments about the unused campsite next door – we did try and use this without success.

Like any activity, I’m sure there are always things that could be improved next time around – if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts.

Finally, just a short reminder about downloading once you’ve finished. We spent quite a bit of time at the end today investigating a missing competitor, which was only resolved by interrogation of the Finish Box to find they had finished over an hour earlier. Please remember to ALWAYS download – it saves a lot of stress for the organiser and their team.

Many thanks for coming.

Steve Edgar

P.S. LEI look forward to seeing you all at the BOC Sprints in Loughborough very soon.