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Planner's Comments

An area like Burbage Common presents quite a few interesting planning challenges, not least the lack of Technical Difficulty 5 control sites to differentiate between Light Green, Short Green & Green. Hopefully I managed to offer a suitable challenge to everybody.

With all the recent rain, the vegetation has grown a surprising amount in last few weeks, making it much harder to distinguish the thickets from the greenery of the woods. With no control more than 50m from a line feature this should have made Burbage Common a technically easy area.

My thanks must go to Ernie Williams for his patience advice and controlling and to Nigel Lydon for his organising and the finding of willing volunteers to collect in the controls.

Roger Phillips

Controller's Comments

Definitely a day of challenges in more ways than one.

A “Very Well Done Indeed!” is in order to Nigel Lydon for his preparations and on-the-day work as Organiser of his first Level C Event – definitely a recommendation to British Orienteering to insert ‘Level C Organiser’ in Nigel’s ‘My Qualifications’ list. As one small example, Nigel’s response to being asked to produce a comprehensive ‘Final Details’ sheet in no more than one side of A4 for the Club web site, and an edited version available on the day, was a model that others should seek to emulate. His enthusiasm to get everything on-the-day as correct as possible was very heartening to see.

Roger Phillips is to be congratulated on producing a range of challenging courses within the Guidelines to suit all abilities – no easy task in an area with the physical constraints of a side road, an adjacent Golf Course, a railway line running through the middle, an area in the south-east used regularly in the past that suddenly became OOB, a multitude of paths, and more dog walkers than one could shake a stick at! Needless to say the recent rainy season and the torrential downpour through part of Saturday into Sunday made underfoot conditions more taxing for competitors. I am certain that Roger will be regularly asked to plan Events at all Levels for the Club in the foreseeable future.

The majority of competitor comments were favourable but a small number of control sites caused a mixture of elation and despair, notably a couple of holly bushes (shown as small thickets on the map legend), and a ditch bend visited by three of the longer courses – looking at the splits and talking to competitors revealed a variety of approaches and range of times, together with comment on both the mapping and the use of these particular control sites. It should be noted that all sites were visited more than once by Planner and Controller and were marked by white tape with either black or purple numerals – I found in my visits round the area white, silver and blue tapes that were not related to the event and removed them, though obviously not all, as was noted in some of the comments regarding one of the two disputed holly bush sites. A lesson there to Planners, Controllers and Control Collectors - please always collect in the tapes post event and also those found whilst preparing for an event.

The debate, started on Sunday, of how mappers decide on including distinctive features such as holly bushes, obviously seen more easily in winter than in very late Spring/early Summer with other trees in leaf and with growing undergrowth, together with whether or not said bushes, if reasonably near to each other, should be shown as larger composite thickets, will take place at a later date at LEI Fixtures and Mapping Committee meetings, as will responses to the request that areas such as Burbage are only used in what was once known as the ‘Orienteering Season’ – from mid-September to late May – and not at other times.

The new ‘Franchise Holders’ at the Visitor Centre were very pleased with the custom that the Event brought and they spoke very highly of the courtesy and attention of competitors in making as little mess as possible - we will be welcome back and the Permanent Course will be publicised on behalf of both visitors and the Club.

Finally, a gentle but very firm slap on the wrist and a reminder – always report to Download if you register to take part in the Event – the one person who did not caused extra work and stress to the Organiser and his assistants, particularly with a car park used not just by orienteers but also ‘Joe and Josephine Public’ – it was finally ascertained that the person in question had left, probably with relatives. Even with a passenger/buddy system in place I am recommending that all competitors provide contact details such as a home and/or mobile phone number on their registration form at all events.

Ernie Williams

Organiser's Comments

I learnt two things about today...first, that (as Mark Sherriff said) ‘on the day you will have nothing to worry about’. He was right. Secondly, that I belong to a very hard working and professional club.

I would love to mention every single I’m going to...Chris Bosley, Ian Wilson, Simon West, Reed Lydon, Nick Wilson, Imogen Wilson, Trish Lydon, Julie Ferris, Alison Hardy, Tracey Brookes, Chris Phillips, Roy Denney, Peter Hornsby, Finn Lydon, Alan West, Mark Hardy, Matthew Cox, Molly Smith, Mark Sherriff, Kev Bradley, Andy Portsmouth, Ursula Williamson, Wendy West, Glynn Smith, Howard Alcock, Peter Leake, Ian Wells and Bob Haskins. Also I would like to thank Jeff Baker and Tanya Taylor who are LOG members, come to all of our events and were more than happy to help us out today. Also to Peter Chick who said he would do anything to help if he was needed. Big thanks to Steve Edgar for not only helping out on ‘Start’ but also ferrying myself and my family around all day.

I need to say that Ernie Williams (controller) and Roger Phillips (planner) were brilliant throughout this process and very professional. Ernie who is 70 years old (hope he doesn’t mind me saying so) was out very early Sunday morning checking all 60 control sites...are all controllers that thorough? Thank you both for helping make the whole event go very smoothly indeed!

In terms of feedback, nobody came to me personally to complain but when asked, a few struggled around the area of controls 197 and 200. The controller, as with other controls, paced these out a number of times and found them to be accurately placed, although on reflection the mapping may need to be updated and the rise in vegetation (as always) didn’t help. Also, many people hadn’t realised until well underway that the scale was actually 1:7500, I heard that a number of times.

I hope that none of this deterred from enjoying your course on what turned out to be a muddy but reasonably dry day!

Nigel Lydon