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  Leicesershire Schools Championships Results

Controller's Comments

We might have hoped for better weather when holding an event in May, but not this year. Although it was very unpleasant doing the preparations, the drizzle had more or less stopped by start time, though the cold wind kept up for the whole day. There were many deer in the park which were going around in big groups and I hope this didn’t put runners off too much. We made the courses quite long due to the runnability of the area with the bracken having been rolled and massively reduced. The times seemed to indicate that, though on the long side, the courses were about right. There were comments on the day about the representation of the runnability on the map. This changes greatly over the year and we have some seasonal maps. I chose the one that I though best represented the area as it stood. It was probably faster to cover the ground than indicated, but this has been an unusual year, with the bracken that remains lower than would have been expected. The map showed the differences between the ground cover, and as already stated, in my opinion best represented the going.

I’d like to thank Mark, who worked hard to plan good courses, which from comments on the day, I believe were well received and enjoyed. It is quite a hilly spot, and the contours were well used on the various courses. The area is now very open, and Mark’s skilful use of control sites, utilising the ditches and depressions meant that not too many of the controls stood out from a distance. Laurie and Tracey did an excellent job with the organisation and everything ran very well. We were also holding the Leicestershire Schools Championships with a number of schools runners on the shorter courses and this took the overall numbers to over 200. Thanks go to Roger Edwards and Alison Hardy who worked out the results and made the presentations for the schools event. I hope that everyone who attended had a good day.

Bob Haskins

Organiser's Comments

The only thing that we can add to Bob’s comments is that without the help and support of so many LEI members, turning out on such a horrible morning, things could not have run as smoothly as they did. It was a great team effort and we would just like to say thank you to all involved.

Tracey and Laurie