Provisional Results For Fermyn District Event - 09-Mar-2008

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Updated 09-Mar-2008 16:07:29

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Controllers comments

Every Orienteering area has its idiosyncrasies.  Fermyn has its thorns, ditches and deer fences, rapidly changing vegetation. The country park has multiple path junctions within 30 m, which forces taped routes.   Each of these caused frequent changes to course design.  Courses were pushed to the low-end of the guidelines but despite this times do seem to be slightly long.

There was a problem that one usually gets on the white and yellow courses, where the interconnecting line obscures the line feature . In this case the brown course line obscured the ditch on which the control was positioned. There were a couple of comments about the deer fences. The view taken was that these are marked on as high fences, they could be climbable but we would expect most competitors not; therefore any route passing through these fences did not have a broken line nor a purple uncrossable barrier.  This view is not shared by all competitors.

Hopefully however these fences can be removed in future, however as it's more expensive to remove fences than put them in the first place perhaps this problem will remain for some time.

Several competitors I spoke did not notice the gates though the deer fences. Most courses did encourage them to be used! Of course running round might have been the fastest option.

Some areas of the map still have a number of missing ditches and this needs remedying if more control sites are to be used in the woodland in future.

I had a severe mobility problem at the event so a thank you for those assisting Roy and I collecting the controls in after the event.

Roger Edwards

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Planners Comments

This is an unusual area for an event and a challenge to a planner. One part is incredibly complex with convoluted land forms and the other part is typical plantation. I tried to make this a challenge by running competitors in and out of these areas and by making route choice difficult. It seems from comments that most people found it a surprising challenge. The times suggest the courses were about right.
I must say that after a week struggling to get the SI kit to programme properly and with weather forecasts of dramatic storms ringing in my ears it was a pleasant surprise to see dawn come up on a very sunny if cool day.

Turn out was good and all in all it seemed to go very well.

I must thank the various club boffins who had to help with the programming problems, the controller who did remarkably well considering he was nursing a bad injury and the many members of the club who helped pull in the controls. It would have been a very long day without their help given that I had left Leicester at 6.00am to get down to the area to put out the controls.

Roy Denney

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