Provisional Results For Burbage District Event - 15-Jun-2008

Updated 15-Jun-2008 19:34:15

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Controllers Comments

String Course Results




1 Mark Spendlove DVO M35 57:29
2 Bruce Bryant OD M50 58:26
3 Phil Murray BOK M40 61:34
4 Roger Edwards LEI M55 62:19
5 Ben Ross OD M16 65:33
6 Richard Windsor LEI M45 67:32
7 Alastair Paterson LEI M40 71:12
8 John Marriott LEI M60 71:16
9 Paul Basher HOC M50 71:34
10 Paul Goodhead DVO M45 72:46
11 Sheila Carey OD W60 73:18
12 Peter Carey OD M60 73:34
13 Peter Leake LEI M65 77:28
14 Alison Hardy LEI W40 78:46
15 Keith Roberts NOC M45 79:32
16 Mark Sherriff LEI M45 80:06
17 Sian Roberts NOC W21 81:56
18 David Toach LEI M40 82:16
19 Robert Haskins LEI M55 82:27
20 Mark Hardy LEI M40 82:30
21 Michael Lord NOC M45 82:44
22 Simon Ford LEI M65 83:09
23 Neil Eaton ind M50 83:34
24 George Normand LEI M60 84:53
25 John Boden OD M60 84:58
26 Roman Kotecky PRAGA M55 88:46
27 Andrew Wallace NOC M50 89:43
28 Lesley Ross OD W40 91:35
29 Andy Smith DVO W40 98:50
30 Peter Cholerton NOC M50 101:17
31 Kevin Ross OD M45 106:38




1 Bill Edwards SYO M40 60:07
2 Ben Windsor LEI M18 61:20
3 David Lawson DVO M45 62:31
4 David Bray LEI M55 67:53
5 Ruedi Billeter NOC M55 70:42
6 Mike Capper WAOC M50 76:01
7 Chris Bosley LEI M60 76:28
8 Ian Wells LEI M55 78:55
9 Dave Denness LOG M45 80:05
10 Michael Parsons LEI M50 80:20
11 Glynn Smith LEI M60 88:01
12 Tim Cairns M40 90:05
13 Ursula Williamson LEI W45 90:17
14 Robert McNab RAFO M45 91:32
14= Barry McGowan HOC M60 91:32




1 Ian Wilson LEI M40 43:56
2 Sophie Kirk OD W16 53:30
3 Liz Phillips OD W40 53:33
4 Mark Webster NOC M40 58:22
5 Dave Skidmore DVO M60 60:57
6 Robert Shooter DVO M50 63:35
7 Neil Fraser NOC M45 64:21
8 Martin Cross OD M60 65:05
9 Jillian Baker NOC W35 68:11
10 Daniel Parsons LEI M14 69:30
11 David Beal OD M60 70:34
12 Michael Lindsay DVO M55 72:27
13 Felicity Manning LEI W55 73:07
14 Chris Phillips LEI M60 73:57
15 John Woodall NOC M70 77:13
16 Pauline Ward DVO W60 77:34
17 Jill Emmerson OD W40 77:52
18 Drew Thomson LEI/oc M35 81:49
19 Donald Moir LEI M75 90:52
20 Ruth Ellis DVO W55 91:42
21 Louise Sandell IND W50 97:42
22 Rachel Simonetti LEI W21 103:55
23 Manda McNab RAFO W40 114:59
24 Roger Kelly LEI M70 135:31
mp Maria Roberts NOC W45 110:57

Light Green



1 Harriet Lawson DVO W14 39:17
2 Guy Ross OD M14 48:53
3 Silvia Ruiz LEI W21 52:38
4 Roy Denney LEI M60 52:54
5 Sam Fraser NOC M18 55:27
6 Graeme Barker IND M35 58:20
7 Sharon Carey OD W21 58:44
8 Paul Stothard LEI M40 60:11
9 Claire Douglas WAOC W21 61:01
10 Jordan Webster NOC M14 65:47
11 Julie Webster NOC W40 68:23
12 Karin Kirk OD W60 74:04
13 Brian Ward DVO M70 76:03
14 Victor Thomas IND M60 76:20
15 Daniel Kotecks PRAGA M14 76:57
16 Edward Sherriff LEI M14 77:57
17 Tara Monab RAFO W18 98:16
18 Hannah McNab RAFO W12 99:17
19 Shirley Moir LEI W70 110:17
mp Ben Lord NOC M14 72:18
mp Pru Normand LEI W60 85:57




1 Nathan Lawson DVO M12 27:59
2 Jack Lord NOC M12 40:27
3 Fraser Monab RAFO M12 51:46
4 Alan Towler Ind M45 55:40
5 Julia Biggs IND W35 56:46
6 Alison Hayes & Alexa DVO W45 63:36
7 Tom Ross OD M12 64:30
8 Nathan Currell & Gareth Towler Ind M12 69:08
9 Kathryn Spendlove 77:27
dnf Jose Gason M35




1 Alex Cvancara LEI M8 9:53
2 Imogen Wilson LEI W10 11:48
3 Ben Hardy, Blake Spencer,and Grandad Mills 13:53
4 Josie Waters & Isabella Moeller Ind W9 14:21
5 Tia & Toby Foxon Ind M8 14:47
6 Ben Sansome Ind M7 15:38
7 George Walters M7 15:54
8 John and Alex Cvancara army M45 16:24
9 Ben Sansome Ind M10 17:03
10 Emily & Eileen Ind W6 18:15
11 Georgia & Alan Ind 18:16
12 Thom Lambert & Max Thomas M9 19:35
13 Ailith and ivan Smith DVO W3 30:12
dns Jake Rich Ind M11
mp Joshua and Stephanie Tisseman ind 16:45




1 Nicholas Wilson LEI M10 16:41
2 Joseph Ford LEI M8 29:17
3 John Cvancara Army M48 30:55
4 Melanie Smith IND W40 35:58
5 Thomas Webster NOC M12 37:19
6 Charlotte Webster NOC W10 38:50
7 Katherine Eaton IND 41:05
8 Sian Smith LEI W10 44:11

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Controllers Comments

Burbage Common benefits by combining several contrasting blocks of terrain. The two woods to the west, Sheepy Woods and Burbage Wood are heavily managed by coppicing, with the result that last years runnable is this years fight and vice versa. The commons and fields are usually mown once the wild flowers have seeded and only some paths are cut regularly and not always in line with our mapping. The larger block of woods, Aston Firs, was originally managed for shooting but has been abandoned for many years. For the first few years it meant that the woods became overgrown, but they have now started to become much more passable, although, as many of you found out, it was just about as quick to run round the blocks, and a safer way of finding the control or attack point.

There were numerous changes made to update the map. In places many more alterations would have been useful, but there is a limit to what can be done without a full remap on an area which is so changeable.

One problem that affected all the senior courses was the location of the start, this was slightly too far to the south than marked on the maps giving a more difficult route to what were already tricky controls. This was entirely my fault as I had asked for the start to be positioned along the path away from the track junction in order to give better initial route for the white, yellow and orange courses so that they did not start at a decision point. The start banner was then put out at the position of where the start triangle should have been and the start kite then went even further out, far enough to push competitors to the south of the larger block of woods and getting some lost in the process. My apologies for this.

The organiser was asked by one competitor to remove the time for the first leg on one course and asked me for advice on this matter. As the rules currently stand, there is no provision for this. Had there been a complaint, and it the complaint was upheld, then the whole course or courses, as they were similarly affected, would have had to be voided. I did not consider that this was necessary or desirable.

Two cases of vandalism occurred during the event. Control 130, the bridge was moved slightly around the corner onto a path and control 126, the middle pond was moved back into the undergrowth by several feet. In both cases the controls were left intact and well planted! Strange indeed.

The results show that competitors had fun all over the map, many routes caused car-park debate as to the preferred routes and Routegadget will be very instructive to show how you navigated as compared to you peers. Please fill in your course on Routegadget so that other runners can judge which were the best routes and planners can improve based on real evidence of decisions made. Go on, do it now, the link is at the top of the page.

I enjoyed controlling Kevins courses. He planned many interesting and varied legs in a difficult to plan area and confused competitors by swapping in and out of the woods. Thanks also to Andy for his assistant planning help.

The organisation team lead by Mark did a smooth job and coped well. It seemed a pity that our two local clubs decided to hold events on the same morning, despite this being an EMOA league event. Mark and his team could easily have dealt with the extra numbers, although numbers were still similar to previous June's events.

Thanks to all who came and especially to the many people who thanked the officials, it makes it worthwhile!

Peter Hornsby

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