Results for LEI District Event, Bradgate Park, 10/06/2006

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Planner’s Comments 

Little did I think when I stood in the rain on the windswept slopes of Old John in Bradgate park in May that come the event you would be climbing the hill in soaring temperatures and fierce sunshine.  Still I hope you appreciated the start in Swithland, where navigation is more of a challenge.

 Planning the event was a steep learning curve for me as I desperately searched for control sites that would be sufficiently challenging yet still meet with the approval of the Park Rangers.  I hope none of you were inconvenienced by the antics of the jokers who decided to move controls on the yellow course.

 Finally thanks must go to Roger the Controller who was there to steer me in the right direction and ensure you got (what I hope was) a good run in the park.


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