Results for LEI District Event, Beacon Hill, 16/01/2005

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Organisers Comments

Organisers Comments

Hope you enjoyed your morning on the Beacon.

 The sun shone, just about; the recent gales held off until almost all of you had completed their runs; and the slick LEI team had the courses open well before 10.30 (and not just for the helpers). 

Many thanks to all those LEI members who helped Mary and I get the show on the road. When we rang round for volunteers, no-one declined to help; well apart from Kevin Bradley Ė but as he was in Edinburgh on the day, he had a pretty solid reason. Special thanks to Andy Portsmouth for coordinating the computer side of the operation so efficiently on yet another event . 

Thanks to Planner Bob for arranging the start and finish within 100 metres of registration and the car park. (Donít you just love events where you can see the start from the warmth of your car?) Mind you, the uphill run back to the finish for some of us was a bit of an effort. (Maybe we just need to get fitter.) 

Thanks also to Controller Eric, who loomed large in his fluorescent yellow jacket, and answered all our questions, and had a few of his own. Finally, thanks to all of you who turned up to run, making all our efforts worthwhile. There were so many of you that we ran out of Green control descriptions (sorry about that), and almost ran out of maps. Things were so organised that Gary decided he could run the Light Green course. Perhaps if he had been a bit better organised himself he might have remembered to take a copy of the control descriptions with him. Despite dibbing at every control that seemed to be in the right place, he still managed to miss the correct number 3. Better luck next time. 

Gary & Mary Boothroyd

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