Results for LEI C4,  Bagworth Woods, 20/11/2005

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Organisers Comments

It is a while since I had organised an event and John claims never to have done so before. We were therefore pleased that it when off so smoothly. It was good to make contact with club members that we did not know very well and find them so willing to help. The new team of Ruth and Heather on data entry appeared to get on with the job very effectively. The start and finish teams were also new to their jobs so it is good to have expanded the pool of people in the club with experience. Thank you equally to those of you who have helped often before.

We were very pleased to find all the equipment in very good order. Roger's work in keeping it this way helps organisers considerably. The controller ensured we were on the right lines in his usual non-intrusive manner.

We were lucky to have the Club at Bagworth as a venue and many of you enjoyed the bacon butties.

Lost property: one pair of medium size thermal gloves -tell us the colour and we will assume that they fit you.

Judith Holt and John Cooke

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Controllers Comments

This event was part of a weekend of events at Bagworth, with a night event taking place on Saturday. It was decided to use the night event's controls the next day to save on carrying the equipment in and out of the area. This had two major consequences. The SI boxes had to remain on all night, and as it turned out, in sub zero temperatures. Secondly the overnight controls had to be relocated, as only one minor control was in the same location. These controls had turned completely white in the frost, but all worked perfectly! By the time most competitors were running, the icy paths had melted and some become very muddy.

The main dealings as controller will be with the planning team. Roger and Ursula helped by planning early and well. I enjoyed their courses and hope
you did also.

Apart from my early morning ?45 control score? event, I was not stretched on the day due to smooth organisation and careful planning. Very pleasant. So my thanks go to all involved; a well organised team lead by Judith and John, who gave no hint to their lack of recent organisational experience. The planners who spent long hours perfecting their courses, and to all the runners, who ran through the finish not complaining of some of the more tangley parts of the area which most visited at the end of their courses.

Peter Hornsby MOR

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Planners' Comments

We hope you enjoyed our first C4 event. Roger certainly enjoyed working with OCAD and Ursula enjoyed the planning on the ground. Apologies for the error on the Green Control Descriptions – we should have exported them from OCAD.

We hope you found the different start venue worth the long walk from the parking. The alternative was not using the Working Men’s Club and missing out on their facilities and bacon rolls!

The cold weather in the week before the event improved conditions considerably in terms of visibility and undergrowth and the day itself was bright from dawn to dusk. Thanks to Peter for putting out many of the controls the day before for the night event – it would have been an almost impossible job to get them all out on the morning – and thanks to Judith for her help collecting in controls at the end of the day.

Peter’s advice and help with OCAD was invaluable and thanks must go to him for printing the maps at the last minute.

Roger and Ursula Williamson

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