Provisional Results for Bagworth Heath & Woods, Bagworth Heath & Woods, 12/10/2003

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Organisers Comments

The facilities at Bagworth are limited; thank you all for putting up with the cramped Car Park and lack of toilets.  We were grateful to Bagworth WMC for allowing us to use their facilities at very short notice.

We were inspired by the recent article in Compass Sport to try a ‘no start time’ registration.  It seemed to work very well; we would welcome your comments to

 Thanks to all the helpers, to Sue Bicknell for planning a good range of courses, to Pete Hornsby for his relaxed controlling, and most of all to the competitors who make the effort worthwhile.

 Roger and Ursula Williamson

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Planners Comments

I hope you enjoyed Bagworth Heath in the autumnal sun.  The area gets better each year and is expanding so it promises good running for many years to come.

The planned courses seemed to be accepted well and winning times are as expected which is heartening.  Even the positioning of controls on less than definite features benefited from the expert positioning of Pete Hornsby (Controller) using his map-making skills and equipment.

Many thanks to Roger and Ursula Williamson (organisers) for their excellent preparation and concern to get you all over the road safely.  It paid off - fortunately.

During the two days of putting out controls, checking and collecting I saw white, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple and flourescent pink berries on the native shrubs, quite apart from the vivid coloured leaves.  Nature at it’s best.

Sue Bicknell





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