Results for Yvette Baker Trophy, Beacon Hill, 09/12/2001

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Controller's Comments

Congratulations to the winners and all of you who competed in the Yvette Baker Trophy. The finishing times show a very high standard from all clubs and the colour standards have been adjusted to take this into account..

The organisation of the event was a great success thanks particularly to Roger and Ursula for the long hours and detailed planning they put into it. The out of bounds areas and vegetation changes made course planning
difficult but John Cooke managed to construct some excellent courses. As LEI's second e-punch event I was very pleased with the efficiency of the IT team and with Michael Napier's software specially written for the YB final.

Chris Bosley

Organisers’ comments

What a wonderful day! The sun shone and most people seemed to enjoy their day on the Beacon. We knew we would be busy and in the end we had over 500 runners including 300+ juniors competing for the Yvette Baker Trophy.

We must pass on our thanks to the many helpers who freely gave of their time and in some cases were not able to have a run themselves. In particular, praise must go to Kevin Bradley and the result team who were able to produce the Yvette Baker results so soon after the courses closed. This would not have been possible without the excellent suite of software from Michael Napier who also gave a lot of time to ensure a successful event. We hope the fresh air and sunshine speeded his recovery from a serious operation.

The Wardens of Beacon Hill Country Park were also extremely helpful in providing the Parking field and generally encouraging use of the Park.

On a serious note, we remind orienteers that they must report to the Finish or Download once they have started a course; otherwise an unnecessary search may be started.

Finally, our thanks to the rest of the family who can now get back to the computer and not have to climb over piles of orienteering kit in the dining room.

Roger and Ursula Williamson


Planners Comments

Planning this event was a new experience in more ways than one. 

Firstly it was the first SI event that we have planned.  This has considerable advantages on a small area like Beacon Hill.  You can create courses that would be impossible with conventional punching (or would require a number of manned controls) and you can largely do away with second master maps (We had to use secend masters on the Brown but in that case it eliminated the need for third masters).

Secondly, being the Final of the Yvette Baker Trophy, the emphasis was on the shorter courses.  Getting the technicality right on White to Light Green courses is often the most difficult aspect of planning a colour coded event.  In this we were helped by the controller, Chris Bosley, particularly on the Yellow course, which we had, in hindsight originally made a little too easy.  Our thanks go to Chris, not only for his helpful and friendly contolling, but also for his practical help in putting out and taking in the controls. 

Our thanks also go to Roger and Ursula Williamson for the excellent organisation of the event.

John Cooke and Judith Holt