Found propery - a jacket. Can be collected at the Christmas event or email organiser: ashbymapping (at)



5.7km 85m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Philip Vokes LUOC M21 31:35
2nd Adam Fieldhouse LUOC M21 35:15
3rd Edward De Salis Young LEI M45 46:40
4th Andis Ozols DVO M35 48:26
5th Andrew Ward LEI M21 49:09
6th Imogen Wilson LEI W18 49:16
7th Roger Phillips LEI M40 52:38
8th Joseph Twigg LUOC M20 53:55
9th Chris Prince LUOC M21 55:49
10th Alastair Paterson LEI M50 56:45
11th Ian Wilson LEI M50 59:59
12th Tanya Taylor LOG W45 63:35
13th Ursula Williamson LEI W55 70:20
14th David Seaman LEI M45 71:29
15th Steve Edgar LEI M50 76:09
m14-15 Megan Harrison LUOC W20 47:48
m14-23 Christian & Cameron Peckham DVO   75:34



3.5km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Derek Herd LEI M50 36:24
2nd Roger Edwards LEI M65 36:42
3rd Andy Portsmouth LEI M60 38:23
4th Jeffrey Baker LOG M65 39:25
5th Kevin Rice LOG M55 39:28
6th Cassandra & Peter Dodge GROBY SCOUTS W12 41:22
7th Simon Ford LEI M75 42:50
8th Iona Moss LEI W15 51:27
9th Kevin Gallagher LEI M65 52:31
10th Tuomo Tikkanen LEI M50 54:26
11th Kevin Bradley LEI M60 55:06
12th Philip Caswell LEI M55 55:55
13th George Howe & Sean Williams GROBY SCOUTS M16 59:43
14th Natalie & Eliza White GROBY SCOUTS W12 60:03
15th Madeleine & Bethan Dodge GROBY SCOUTS W10 60:06
16th Chris Phillips LEI M70 65:31
17th Jonathan Lee LEI M55 70:23
18th Peter Dargue LEI M60 70:31
19th Louis Bourne & Callum Lay GROBY SCOUTS M14 73:58
20th Tom Parish & Nathan Price Jones GROBY SCOUTS M14 74:29
21st Josh Stone & Harry Tory GROBY SCOUTS M14 75:47
m10 Ian Parker BEAUMONT   36:16
m14 Mike Sheldrake   M60 40:24
m10-14 Mike Edwards LEI M70 49:29
m2 m10-14 Mia North & Harriet Bishop GROBY SCOUTS W14 84:56
m10-14 Connor Lane & Will Spriggs GROBY SCOUTS M14 85:21



1.6km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ian Parker BEAUMONT   19:40



0.3km 5m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time