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Planners Comments

Thanks to all who came and competed at Martinshaw. It's a small area and we lost the use of Ratby Woodlands very late on in the planning process, which meant that the 10km brown course runners had two and a half laps of Martinshaw woods before breaking out along the field boundaries.

Martinshaw wasn't as brambled up as normal and I tried to make best use of the clearer areas. Also the area at the North of the map was new to orienteering and the return on the longer courses through the farmyard provided some variety, as well as length. My apologies for a few errors in control descriptions: one control described as ditch junction, which should have been ditch, although this was also clear from the control circle. Another described as a wall which should have been hedge, but also clear in the control circle. Both due to some last minute changes.

My thanks to Peter as controller and mapper and to Derek as organiser. I was quite ill with pneumonia over October, November and December, which meant I couldn't make as many visits to the area as I would have liked to, but both helped out with some of the planner's duties. My thanks also to all the control collectors - always the last to leave the event - and to those who helped put some of them out.

Although the TD5 courses were well filled, it was a shame not to see many junior runners on the TD1-4 courses. What does this mean for the future of our sport? However, the blue course was won by an M14 with and M12 in 2nd and an M14 taking 3rd on the green. Well done to all.