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2.4km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Daniel Glover LEI M12 36:13
2nd Ian Jarvis LEI M55 37:54
3rd Rupert Powell OD M12 44:03
4th Diana Hailey OD W75 49:31
5th Adam and David Cladingboel IND M18 58:20
6th Oliver Lydeard   M55 59:51
7th Janet Thompson IND   74:57
8th Geoff Thompson IND   75:05
9th Matt White LEI M50 116:12
10th Brayn, Andrew, Henry, Charlotte Nelson IND   132:12
dns rtd Joshua Barker IND M16  
m8-9 Robyn Jarvis LEI W14 97:58