6.1km 5m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jamie Rennie LEI M45 46:47
2nd Hannah Cox LEI W20 48:04
3rd Ed Young LEI M45 49:16
4th Tanya Taylor LOG W45 49:20
5th Liz Heaton LEI W35 53:53
6th Roger Phillips LEI M40 54:18
7th David Seaman LEI M40 56:20
8th Charlie Rennie LEI M14 57:42
9th Robert Haskins LEI M65 59:33
10th Alastair Paterson LEI M45 59:51
11th Iain Phillips LEI M45 60:14
12th Derek Herd LEI M45 61:16
13th Ursula Williamson LEI W50 65:41
14th Mark Sherriff LEI M50 66:23
15th Harry Boswell   M21 68:55
16th Chris Bosley LEI M65 85:38
17th Robert Bood LEI M50 88:00
rtd Stephen Chafer LEI M45  



3.8km 5m

The time taken from control two to control three and also that time taken from control three to control four have been removed from the overall times as control three was misplaced and some runners did not find it. This is the Excluded Time

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Excluded Time
1st Andy Portsmouth LEI M60 38:14 9:04
2nd Jane Dring-Morris LEI W45 40:26 13:22
3rd Kevin Rice LOG M55 40:52 8:43
4th Kevin Gallagher LEI M65 41:04 8:39
5th Peter Hornsby LEI M60 42:05 12:11
6th Tracey Brookes LEI W50 45:21 10:02
7th Roger Edwards LEI M65 47:08 8:35
8th Peter Chick LEI M70 47:18 12:12
9th Chris Phillips LEI M65 50:24 15:11
10th Kevin Bradley LEI M60 51:09 12:18
rtd Jeff Baker LOG M65   9:13




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Daisy Rennie LEI W10 23:58
2nd George Rennie LEI M10 25:58