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Controller's Comments

I hope you all enjoyed the sunny day in Outwoods. From many of the comments at the finish, some of you even said you had enjoyed it !!

The unusual feature of the day was meeting up with the local Chapter of the Bassett hound group, never have I seen so many in one place at one time! I hope they didn’t slow you down.

Credit must go to planners Chris and Ursula for the excellent courses. We had planned for this event to take place in Wakerely Woods. Planning was completed, when we received from the Forestry Commission in October, an unacceptable car parking restriction of only 40 cars. They quickly replanned the event to The Outwoods.

Thanks to the hardworking LEI team of helpers, under the skilled guidance of Roger (Phillips minor), and apologies to anyone who agreed to hand their map in for recycling, if you contact the organiser, we will send you a replacement.

Simon Ford

Organiser's Comments

Thanks to the all volunteers who helped on the day, without whom this event could not happen. A few of you had problems with the entry barrier system and I would like to thank you for your patience whilst the park ranger fixed the problem on 2 different occasions.

We had more than we expected competing and my apologies to those we asked to reuse your map. If you are one of those people and would like a new map, please contact me on

I must thank Chris the planner, Ursula the assistant planner and Simon the controller for producing courses that everybody seemed to enjoy.

Lost Property:- 1 pair of glasses.

Roger Phillips