Note for competitors to assist results processing

New Cards

If you have bought a new SI Card please make sure it is added to the SI Card Archive.


Cards spotted at this event that were not in the archive were used by

222199 Amelie Monk

222200 Ellie Simpson

2011278 Ben Hardy

2058301 Jason Sampson

2058302 Kieran Sampson

9669113 Nicholas Wilson

Using a card that is registered to someone else in the SI Archive

If you are using a card that is registered to someone else in the archive please clearly indicate this on the entry form. The results system automatically picks up the details from the archive and it may go unnoticed that someone else used the card.

Personalising your SI Card

If you have an SI card with a number greater than 500,000 (Types 6, 8, 9 or the latest Types 10 and 11) then it can be programmed with your name and some other details if required. This helps with the production of the results. SI provide a program which can write the details to the card but it also requires a download box so this is not something you can do at home. If you would like your card programming please have a word with John Marriott at an event or send an email to john dot ma at ntlworld dot com to arrange this.

Don’t forget

One person did not download. Please make sure you do this as it takes some time to work out why the numbers don’t tally. More importantly it could be a safety issue but we knew everyone had returned.

Please do not forget to punch the start!! One person was credited with punching the start based on the time the SI Card was inserted into the Clear box, therefore losing some time. Some people might not be so generous.

John Marriott




5.2km 195m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matthew Cox LEI M18 32:53
2nd Howard Alcock LEI M40 33:40
3rd Finn Lydon LEI M14 34:30
4th Nicholas Wilson LEI M14 35:50
5th Kevin Lomas NOC M55 36:29
6th Hannah Cox LEI W16 36:33
7th David Pettit DVO M21 36:40
8th Tom Barber LEI M16 36:47
9th Andy Sykes DVO M45 37:07
10th Euan Tebbutt LEI M16 39:09
11th Roger Phillips LEI M35 39:54
12th Aleksandrs Ivanov OD M21 39:58
13th Ray Collins WCH M55 40:08
14th Alison Hardy LEI W45 41:42
15th= Richard Leake LEI M45 41:55
15th= Tanya Taylor LOG W40 41:55
17th Michael Lindsay DVO M60 42:42
18th Robert Haskins LEI M60 43:11
19th Mark Hardy LEI M45 44:10
20th Keith Willdig OD M60 44:48
21st Simon Starkey LEI M55 45:18
22nd Tracey Brookes LEI W45 46:40
23rd Derek Herd LEI M45 46:47
24th Mark Rawlinson LEI M50 46:58
25th John Marriott LEI M65 47:00
26th Jeffrey Baker LOG M60 47:11
27th Glynn Smith LEI M65 48:25
28th Jason Sampson LEI M40 48:57
29th Mark Sherriff LEI M50 51:22
30th Chris Bosley LEI M65 51:55
31st John Ward OD M65 52:05
32nd Christine Collins WCH W50 53:59
33rd Iain Phillips LEI M45 54:25
34th Ursula Williamson LEI W50 57:47
35th Steve Edgar LEI M45 60:57



3.7km 95m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Kevin Gallagher LEI M60 29:48
2nd Imogen Wilson LEI W14 31:21
3rd Peter Carey OD M65 32:44
4th Liz Phillips OD W45 32:49
5th Chris Heaton LEI M21 33:21
6th Anna Barber LEI W14 33:40
7th Sheila Carey OD W65 34:09
8th Roger Edwards LEI M60 34:13
9th Andy Portsmouth LEI M55 36:26
10th Margaret Willdig OD W60 36:28
11th Robert Titterington LEI M70 37:55
12th Liz Heaton LEI W21 38:41
13th Graham Dugdale DEVON M60 38:57
14th= Kevin Bradley LEI M55 40:06
14th= Caitlin Chaker     40:06
16th Sue Bicknell OD W65 41:54
17th Roy Denney LEI M65 41:59
18th Sue Porter LEI W50 43:26
19th David Bray LEI M60 43:54
20th Reed Lydon LEI W12 44:19
21st Gina Gilbert LEI W21 45:05
22nd Chris Phillips LEI M65 46:54
23rd Ernie Williams LEI M70 49:50
24th Molly Smith LEI W65 51:02
25th Amanda Bradbury     52:54
26th June Cole LEI W70 58:02
27th Julie Starkey LEI W50 59:03
m1 Jeff Edwards LEI M65 53:38
m12 Roger Cole LEI M75 70:10



2.4km 70m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ben Hardy LEI M10 17:23
2nd Harrington Leake LEI M10 17:53
3rd Eve Halsey - Rebecca Talbott     25:02
4th Amanda Bradbury - Jeany Halsey     25:26
5th Kieran Sampson LEI M10 35:15
6th Eoin Simpson OD M40 37:25
7th Ellie Simpson     37:40
8th Oliver Hall     37:46
9th Amelie Monk     37:48
10th Sheila Carruthers     39:44