If you have any query on the following results or would like to make any comments in general about the event, please email the Event Coordinator - Steve Edgar (steve@steve.edgar.name). Thank you.

Sorry to have to revise these results for a second time. We are having continuing problems with the new SI dibbers, which, whilst they download into the printstation without error, do not export to our results software satisfactorily. Having manually entered these two results and some of the splits, it was then discovered that the data from these new dibbers had overwritten the downloads for the next three runners. So six downloads were missing from the original results. Our apologies to those that were affected. Sportident have been informed and are working on a solution.

Please take time to draw your route, or download your GPS if you have one, to the routegadget page. It is great fun to re-run your race and it helps future planners and coaches.



5,5km 50m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Campbell Walsh NOC M35 38:04
2nd Ben Windsor LEI M21 38:14
3rd Stewart Fishwick AROS M35 40:02
4th Nathan Lawson OD M16 40:41
5th David Lawson OD M50 42:27
6th Harriet Lawson OD W18 46:46
7th Howard Alcock LEI M40 48:53
8th Roger Edwards LEI M60 48:56
9th Ed Chester LEI M35 51:15
10th Ian Wilson LEI M45 51:32
11th Tom Barber LEI M16 51:52
12th Jamie Sutherland LEI M40 51:55
13th Nick Malbon NOC M18 51:57
14th Roger Phillips LEI M35 52:40
15th Finn Lydon LEI M14 52:50
16th Nicholas Wilson LEI M14 54:08
17th Tanya Taylor LOG W40 54:18
18th Tracey Brookes LEI W45 57:34
19th Tom George LOG M20 58:00
20th Mark Scaife WAOC M45 58:54
21st Joanne Nell RAFO W45 59:23
22nd Alastair Paterson LEI M45 59:45
23rd Peter Hornsby LEI M60 61:58
24th Matt White LEI M45 62:14
25th Zuzka Strakova CUOC W21 62:40
26th Alan West LEI M55 64:26
27th Michael Nell RAFO M60 65:25
28th Amanda Roberts LOG W50 68:51
29th Derek Herd LEI M45 69:05
30th Gary Mills TVOC M55 71:18
31st Jeffrey Baker LOG M60 71:30
32nd Simon West LEI M16 72:51
33rd Ursula Williamson LEI W50 72:53
34th Edward Scaife WAOC M16 74:25
35th Trudy Crosby LOG W50 75:17
36th Andrea Page LOG W35 75:53
37th Stuart Tyler LEI M45 76:20
38th Muriel Scaife WAOC W45 79:12
39th John Woodall NOC M75 93:17
40th Steve Edgar LEI M45 94:16
41st Clare Bense SPOOK W55 98:43
42nd Hally Hardie WAOC M70 102:10
rtd Tom Sutton LEI M16  
m5-6 m11 Ali Kempson TVOC W45 68:03
m5 Neil Dewham   M60 92:07
m11 m13 Clare Hanna LOG W45 121:21



3,7km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Fraser Alcock LEI M15 39:58
2nd Radek Ratajczak   M21 48:59
3rd Peter Leake LEI M70 51:55
4th John Ward OD M65 53:06
5th Wendy West LEI W50 53:07
6th Glyn Mayley LOG M55 54:38
7th Tracey Coates LEI W45 54:59
8th Kathy Whitehead DVO W55 55:01
9th Paula Bateson DVO W21 56:19
10th Adam Kirk   M16 59:35
11th Robert Haskins LEI M60 59:38
12th Laurie Fluck LEI M65 63:35
13th Ian Whitehead DVO M55 63:47
14th Kevin Bradley LEI M55 64:06
15th Roger Cole LEI M75 64:41
16th Elliott Kirk   M45 65:57
17th Chris Phillips LEI M65 70:01
18th Imogen Wilson LEI W14 71:19
19th Delphine Suty LOG W45 78:36
20th Anne Gibbs LOG W65 86:16
21st June Cole LEI W70 86:57
22nd Geoff Gibbs LOG M70 92:33
23rd Reed Lydon LEI W12 108:58
rtd Harrington Leake LEI M10  
m3-9 Aisling Coulon   W20 44:59
m5 Matthew Coates & Sam Williams LEI M16 78:05
m8 Andy Portsmouth LEI M55 82:50



2,0km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Gina Gilbert LEI W21 19:01
2nd Joshua Holroyd   M14 21:14
3rd Ryan Brown LEI M16 21:43
4th Alex Jarrett   M14 22:21
5th Sebastien Scaife WAOC M14 31:38
6th Rosie, Flo, Nova & Rosie   W9 42:53
7th Hugo, Joe & Tom   M8 42:59
8th Jack Sutton LEI M10 45:53
m8 Tom White   M15 20:55