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6.100km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Howard Alcock LEI M40 49:47
2nd Angus Shedden LEI M35 51:55
3rd Roger Phillips LEI M35 53:15
4th Finn Lydon LEI M14 54:48
5th Alastair Paterson LEI M45 56:32
6th Matthew Cox LEI M18 56:41
7th Euan Tebbutt LEI M14 58:07
8th Robert Haskins LEI M60 58:09
9th Hannah Cox LEI W16 62:13
10th Tanya Taylor LOG W40 66:45
11th David Bray LEI M55 67:12
12th Mark Rawlinson LEI M50 67:50
13th Stuart Tyler LEI M45 69:20
14th Simon Ford LEI M65 70:02
15th Jamie Sutherland LEI M40 70:49
16th Tracey Brookes LEI W45 70:52
17th Jeffrey Baker LOG M60 77:29
18th Mark Sherriff LEI M50 77:54
19th Chris Bosley LEI M65 79:40
20th Trish Lydon LEI W40 82:05
21st Steve Edgar LEI M45 88:16
22nd Peter Leake LEI M70 97:34
mp Ed Chester LEI M35 37:59
mp Jonathan Law LEI M55 67:16
mp John Marriott LEI M60 69:58



3.400km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Roger Edwards LEI M60 34:20
2nd Nicholas Wilson LEI M14 35:26
3rd Ian Salmon LEI M45 42:20
4th Kevin Gallagher LEI M60 48:22
5th Alan West LEI M50 51:58
6th Ernie Williams LEI M70 52:50
n/c John Cvancara ARMY M50 54:18
7th Sue Bicknell OD W65 55:44
8th Imogen Wilson LEI W12 60:00
9th Peter Chick LEI M65 60:27
10th Roy Denney LEI M65 62:35
11th Chris Phillips LEI M65 63:53
12th Jim Smith ARDF M60 64:21
13th Laurie Fluck LEI M65 65:31
14th Ros James SMOC W50 68:09
15th Sue Porter LEI W50 69:23
16th Wendy West LEI W45 86:18



2.000km 5m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st John Cvancara ARMY M50 12:40
2nd Reid Lydon LEI W10 21:17