Note from Organiser/Planner

The instructions said that if there was an SI box at a control then you should use that. This was deliberate and was to make sure that you went all the way into the control and checked whether there was a box rather than reading the letter from a distance. Since many people didn't punch at all controls I have put a 30 second penalty for every SI box missed. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to controls that were missed and over half the runners did punch all the controls. Hopefully everyone will be satisfied with that - although those of you who did punch all the controls will probably want the penalties to be higher!



6.200km 0m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Penalty
1st Howard Alcock LEI M40 54:14  
2nd Roger Edwards LEI M60 62:09  
3rd Roger Phillips LEI M35 63:55  
4th Finn Lydon LEI M12 67:52 0:30
5th Alastair Paterson LEI M40 68:38  
6th Carlos Fernandez Lence NOC M35 68:45 2:00
7th Mark Goodhead DVO M16 69:07  
8th Rod Postlethwaite WRE M55 70:05 1:00
9th Alison Hardy LEI W45 70:28 1:00
10th Michael Baggott HOC M60 72:09  
11th Trish Lydon LEI W40 73:04 0:30
12th Matthew Cox LEI M16 73:15 1:00
13th Keith Roberts NOC M50 73:48  
14th Nigel Lydon LEI M45 74:21 2:00
15th Catherine Hughes NOC W40 74:40  
16th Glynn Smith LEI M65 74:52 2:30
17th Bob Haskins LEI M60 75:10  
18th Nick Malbon NOC M16 75:42 1:30
19th Keith Willdig OD M60 75:45 0:30
20th Mark Sherriff LEI M45 78:05 0:30
21st Paul Goodhead DVO M50 78:13  
22nd Derek Gale DVO M65 78:54  
23rd Paul Young   M21 79:09  
24th Rodney Hugo OD M65 81:14  
25th Peter Hornsby LEI M55 81:18  
26th Robert Vickers HOC M65 81:27 0:30
27th John Ward OD M65 82:44  
28th Ursula Williamson LEI W45 83:03  
29th Euan Tebbutt LEI M14 83:58  
30th Alan West LEI M50 84:20 0:30
31st Simon Brickwood NOC M40 85:22  
32nd Margaret Willdig OD W55 88:16 0:30
33rd Philip Kirk OD M55 88:39 0:30
34th Steve Edgar LEI M45 89:04  
35th Andrew Ridgway NOC M45 89:29 0:30
36th Sue Bicknell OD W65 98:21 1:30
dns Ashley Earp IND M35 763:39 0:30



3.300km 0m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Penalty
1st David Bray LEI M55 40:50 0:30
2nd Stuart Tyler LEI M45 41:01 0:30
3rd Jamie Sutherland LEI M40 41:39  
4th Hannah Cox LEI W14 43:30 0:30
5th Nicholas Wilson LEI M12 43:33  
6th John Marriott LEI M60 44:41  
7th= Joanna Goodhead DVO W14 45:10  
7th= Robert Titterington LEI M65 45:10  
9th Gary Dorrell IND M45 46:15  
10th George Normand LEI M65 46:42  
11th Dennis Mews HOC M60 47:10 2:30
12th Kerstin Mitchell HOC W45 47:38 0:30
13th Derek Herd LEI M45 48:04  
14th Russ Fauset HOC M60 48:21  
15th Dave Skidmore DVO M65 48:23 1:00
16th Andy Portsmouth LEI M55 48:33 1:00
17th Pauline Ward DVO W65 48:46  
18th Sarah Morley   W35 50:06  
19th Tracey Coates LEI W45 51:44 1:00
20th Sue Hallett OD W65 52:23  
21st David Anderson LEI M70 52:34  
22nd Jeff Haycock WRE M65 52:55 2:00
23rd Hannah McNab RAFO W16 53:38  
24th Simon West LEI M14 53:46  
25th Lewis Wright IND M50 55:03 0:30
26th John Wright OD M70 56:09 0:30
27th= Ernie Williams LEI M65 56:17  
27th= Ruth Ellis DVO W60 56:17 0:30
29th Barbara Tebbutt LEI W45 56:41  
30th Keith Streb NOC M55 57:06 0:30
31st Roger Hailey OD M70 57:26 3:30
32nd Chris Phillips LEI M60 57:51  
33rd John Cooke DVO M65 58:30  
34th John Woodall NOC M70 58:53  
35th Imogen Wilson LEI W12 59:02  
36th Matthew Coates LEI M14 59:09 1:30
37th Oonah Ridgway NOC W45 59:27 0:30
38th Alexander Ridgway NOC M14 59:50  
39th Rachel Simonetti LEI W35 60:01 1:00
40th Diana Hailey OD W65 60:50 1:00
41st Graham Urquhart OD M55 61:56  
42nd Andy Edwards LEI M50 62:24  
43rd Wendy West LEI W45 64:43 1:00
44th Karin Kirk OD W60 65:40  
45th June Cole LEI W70 66:32 0:30
46th Jen Gale DVO W65 68:37 0:30
47th Sue and Lorraine Porter LEI   68:50  
48th Molly Smith LEI W65 68:56 1:00
49th Greta Greenall OD W60 69:35  
50th Roger Cole LEI M70 70:33 0:30
51st Lesley Norton WRE W65 71:07 0:30
52nd Brian Ward DVO M75 79:28  
53rd Manda McNab RAFO W45 81:31  
54th Ros James SMOC W50 81:54 0:30
55th Claire Newey   W21 82:23  
56th Kathleen Wright OD W65 87:20 2:30
57th Jane Stew   W50 97:58  
58th Naama Chezar + 1     105:14  



1.700km 0m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ethan Tebbutt LEI M10 13:04
2nd Alexander Mitchell HOC M10 15:59
3rd Fraser Ridgway   M10 18:22
4th Reed Lydon LEI W10 20:26
5th Jack Bishop   M10 20:28
6th Cameron Ridgway   M16 21:11
7th Ben Hardy LEI M10 21:40
8th Ben Bishop IND M10 21:57
9th Sian Edwards LEI W10 24:30
10th Elizabeth Urquhart OD W55 26:04
11th Lois Bishop   W10 31:21
12th Ariadna Masjoan     45:12