Bradgate Park - 09-Apr-2008

Updated 15-Apr-2008 08:39:48



1 Chris Bosley LEI M60 00:23:25 BK 2.9k 80m Wrong first loop
2 Simon Ford LEI M65 00:26:25 BL 3.0k 85m
3 Jordan Webster NOC M14 00:26:33 L 2.3k 65m
4 John Marriott LEI M60 00:27:39 CK 3.1k 75m
5 David Bray LEI M55 00:28:21 BKL 3.7k 120m
6 Craig Thomson FVO M14 00:28:33 CL 3.2k 80m Extra Loop (M16)
7 Liz Phillips OD W40 00:28:46 KM 3.2k 105m
8 Alison Hardy LEI W40 00:29:50 KM 3.2k 105m
9 Peter Leake LEI M65 00:29:52 BL 3.0k 85m
10 Charlotte and Julie Webster NOC W10 00:31:37 L 2.3k 65m
11 Glynn Smith LEI M60 00:32:09 CK 3.1k 75m
12 Ernie Williams LEI M65 00:32:20 BL 3.0k 85m
13 Ian Wells LEI M55 00:32:58 BKL 3.7k 120m  
14 Chris Phillips LEI M60 00:33:09 CK 3.1k 75m
15 Roy Denney LEI M65 00:33:16 CK 3.1k 75m
16 Toni O'Donovan OD W21 00:35:05 BCL 3.9k 100m
17 Andrea Rebora SLOW M35 00:36:02 BCLM 5.1k 145m
18 Jim O'Donovan Cork-O M60 00:36:05 CK 3.1k 75m
19 Dave Denness LOG M45 00:36:12 BCM 4.3k 110m
20 Sue Bicknell OD W60 00:37:57 M 2.5k 70m
21 Mark Thomson FVO M40 00:38:00 BKLM 4.8k 165m
21= Robert Haskins LEI M55 00:38:00 BKL 3.7k 120m
23 Keith Roberts NOC M45 00:38:17 BCM 4.3k 110m
24 Mairead Rocke LEI W18 00:38:19 BCKLM 5.9k 180m Ran M21 course
25 Ian Wilson LEI M40 00:38:25 BKLM 4.8k 165m
26 Graham Watson LEI M21 00:38:35 BCKLM 5.9k 180m
27 Jim Saville LEI M45 00:38:54 BCM 4.3 110m
28 Iain Tebbutt LEI M40 00:38:58 BKLM 4.8k 165m
29 Andy Sykes NOC M40 00:41:17 BKLM 4.8k 165m
30 Toby Manning LEi M55 00:41:29 BKL 3.7k 120m
31 Elizabeth Rocke LEI W50 00:41:49 CKM 4.2k 115m Extra loops (M50)
32 Dave Le Boutillier LEI M50 00:41:56 CKM 4.2k 115m
33 James Hornsby DEVON M18 00:42:08 BCKL 4.6k 135m
34 Dave Winser NOC M55 00:42:11 BKL 3.7k 120m
35 Mark Sherriff LEI M45 00:42:22 BCM 4.3k 110m
36 Molly Smith LEI W60 00:42:30 M 2.5k 70m
37 Irene Marriott LEI W55 00:42:46 B 2.6k 70m
38 Roger Phillips LEI M21 00:42:55 BCKLM 5.9k 180m
39 Mark Hardy LEI M40 00:42:59 BKLM 4.8k 165m
40 Tim Cairns NOC M40 00:43:05 BKLM 4.8k 165m
41 Laurie Fluck LEI M60 00:43:09 CK 3.1k 75m
42 Mark Burley NOC M21 00:43:58 BCKLM 5.9k 180m
43 Alastair Paterson LEI M40 00:44:04 BKLM 4.8k 165m
44 Heather Sherriff LEI W18 00:45:55 KL 3.0k 65m
45 Sarah Morley NOC W35 00:46:34 CM 3.5k 85m
46 Francis Boylan W65 00:47:37 L 2.3k 65m
47 Mike Gardner DVO M50 00:48:06 CKM 4.2k 115m
48 Mark Foxwell LEI M40 00:51:56 BKLM 4.8k 165m
49 Ian Salmon LEI M45 00:52:44 BCM 4.3k 110m
50 Ged Moss KNOB M40 00:53:16 BKLM 4.8k 165m
51 Mick Popejoy LEI M50 00:54:07 CKM 4.2k 115m
52 Mark Webster NOC M40 00:54:59 BKLM 4.8k 165m
53 Rachel Simonetti LEI W21 00:59:03 BCL 3.9k 100m Less 7 minutes for late start
54 Chris Dunne LEI M21 01:11:08 BCKLM 5.9k 180m
55 Paul Stothard LEI M40 01:14:56 BKLM 4.8k 165m
mp Tom Webster NOC M10 00:54:39



1 Dominic Leake LEI M10 00:13:22
2 Nicholas Wilson LEI M10 00:17:34

We did look at correcting results to get placings but in the end I felt it was better to leave the results as they came off the computer. Notes indicate the loops that people did for comparison (but not the order) and also where people have done extra loops or different courses. Distance and climb are my estimates (Mark F)