Abbey Park Summer League - 23-Apr-2008

Updated 25-Apr-2008 12:36:01

Long Results
Medium Results
White Results
Yellow Results

Thank you to everyone who turned up, I hope you all enjoyed your evening, the weather certainly helped. As we were expecting a fair number of cubs/brownies/guides I put on a white course in addition to the usual yellow and both courses seemed well received. The technical courses are more of a problem at Abbey Park and I opted for removing the path network from the map for the medium and long courses in order to try to make it more challenging. I leave those who competed to judge whether that was successful or not but folk gave the impression of enjoying themselves. One control (12 on the long course) was vandalised before the first competitor reached it, thanks to Alison Hardy for reconstructing the control, albeit minus the pin punch, so that at least competitors could see they were in the right place.

My thanks also to club colleagues, Roger Phillips, Chris Bosley, John Marriott, Judith Holt, Mark Foxwell and Roger & Ursula Williamson who helped in various ways including manning the slightly unorthodox start and ensuring that (nearly) everyone dibbed correctly and helping to collect the controls in after the event. Aplologies if I have missed anyone else who helped.

John Cooke