Leicestershire Orienteering Club Winter League

Grange Woods Night Event 20-NOV-2007

Organiser/Planner: Mark Foxwell

Split times, WinSplits Online
Long 5.0km 45m
1 Iain Tebbutt LEI M40 51:57
2 Chris McCartney OD M35 52:02
3 Chris Roberts SROC M50 1:00:55
4 Peter Hornsby LEI M50 1:01:49
5 Alison Hardy LEI W40 1:08:46
6 John Marriott LEI M55 1:11:09
7 Dave Seaman 1:18:20
8 Mark Hardy LEI M40 1:24:53
9 Phil Emery NOC M35 1:31:30
G Rawlinson W10 Missing 7-12
Simon Ford LEI M60 Rtd
Medium 3.6km 35m
1 Harrison McCartney OD M10 58:41
2 Roy Denney LEI M60 1:03:10
3 Joe Elliott NOC M14 1:03:14
Max Elliott NOC M12 Missing 3 49:46
Theresa Forbes & friends Missing 11 & 12
Dave Toach LEI M40 Missing 1
Lorna Benson LEI W45 Missing various
Short 1.8km 25m
1 Chris Phillips LEI M60 25:43

Apologies for the delay in getting results out. I had some technical problems with results software on the night, so needed to find time later for a small amount of editing of the results files. I was very pleased that the rain cleared up for most competitors, although putting out the controls was a bit wet and miserable. Many thanks to Peter Hornsby, Pete Leake and Lorna Benson for help in getting in the controls- never much fun last thing at a night event. I hope to see you at future night events in the Leicester area

OD 12th December - Memorial Park Coventry
OD 9th January - Wainbody Wood Coventry
LEI 20th January - Market Bosworth
NOC 9th February - Rufford Park
OD 13th Feb - Kenilworth Park
OD 14th March - Hay Wood
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The next event at Grange Woods will be a C4 on Saturday 29th December.
Next Winter league event- Jan 1st, Abbey Park, Leicester