Leicestershire Summer League -Burbage 3rd April 2007

Oragniser/Planner Mark Foxwell

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Overall Results

Class Club Time Variation
Short Blue 5.2 km 20m
1 Richard Dearden M35 HOC 33:14 b
2 Chris McCartney M35 OD 33:54 b
3 John Embrey M45 HOC 34:22 a
4 Christopher Embrey M18 HOC 34:45 a
5 Chris Bosley M60 LEI 37:19 b
6 Roger Edwards M55 LEI 38:30 d
7 Roger Phillips M21 LEI 39:21 a
8 Ian Wells M50 LEI 39:34 c
9 Ian Wilson M40 LEI 41:07 a
10 Andrea Rebora M35 SLOW 41:40 b
11 Mark Sherriff M45 LEI 42:11 a
12 Catherine Hughes W35 NOC 42:39 c
13 Barry McGowan M60 HOC 42:49 d
14 James Hornsby M18 LEI 44:30 c
15 Keith Willdig M55 OD 44:52 d
16 John Marriott M55 LEI 46:26 c
17 Simon Ford M60 LEI 46:38 a
18 John Ward M60 OD 46:56 b
19 Peter Leake M65 LEI 47:19 d
20 Alastair Paterson M40 LEI 47:29 c
21 Rachel Davis W40 DVO 49:55 c
22 Margaret Willdig W50 OD 63:01 a
23 Philip Emery M35 NOC 64:18 b
24 Jacky Embrey W45 HOC 66:54 b
25 Sue Bicknell W60 OD 68:19 b
mp Rafaella Rebora W40 SLOW 58:01 a
Light Green 3.4km 20m
1 Alison Hardy W40 LEI 28:26 a
2 Claire Douglas W21 LEI 33:45 a
3 Chris Dunne M21 LEI 34:31 a
4 Mark Hardy M40 LEI 35:30 b
5 Ian Tebbutt M40 LEI 35:48 a
6 Laurie Fluck M60 LEI 45:32 b
7 David Anderson M65 LEI 46:30 b
8 Chris Phillips M60 LEI 48:43 b
9 Dave Toach M40 LEI 49:18 b
10 Judith Holt W55 LEI 50:47 a
11 John Cooke M60 LEI 51:22 b
12 Andrew Towers M40 59:02 a
13 Heather Sherriff W18 LEI 59:53 a
14 Harrison McCartney M10 OD 60:12 a
15 Steve Emery M40 NOC 71:59 a
16 Martyn Gower M50 LEI 72:10 b
Yellow 2.0km 10m
1 Euan Tebbutt M8 LEI 19:18
2 Ethan Tebbutt M5 LEI 19:25
3 Rhiannon Emery W5 NOC 21:57

Feedback at the event and in the pub suggested that most people enjoyed a slightly different format, and although I didnít explain it very well at registration, I think the format made sense once you got into the courses. I enjoyed planning it, but it was good to see the first few finishers and know it had produced a reasonable and interesting challenge. It was also good to see a variety of people from different clubs and well done to the Harlequins contingent and Chris McCartney on the fastest times.

If you know Burbage, youíll also know that parts of the area have a lot of impenetrable undergrowth! Once I had decided to use a pathless map, I also decided that it was unlikely that I would use the area south of the railway, because the northern part of the map was more runnable and therefore fairer. The decision to use loops helped me fit in a reasonable length of course in the smaller area. The other advantage was that it didnít take too long to get the controls in before dark!

One thing I did notice after the event was that blue courses c and d had a loop in the opposite direction. That was unintentional although looking at the courses, I couldnít decide whether it was likely to be an advantage or disadvantage; overall I doubt it made any difference.

Many thanks to Roy Denney and Peter Hornsby for helping on the day including a last minute dash back to Hathern to get the SI hire cards!

Thanks also to Peter for printing and help with the map and Roy and Roger Edwards for suggestions on the course formats.