Results for LEI C3 March 2006, Belvoir West, 26/03/2006

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Planners Comments

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Badge Times

Class Results
M21L M21S M21V M21N W21L W21S W21V W21N
M35L M35S W35L W35S
M40L M40S W40L W40S
M45L M45S W45L W45S
M50L M50S W50L W50S
M55L M55S W55L W55S
M60L M60S W60L W60S
M65L M65S W65L W65S
M70L M70S W70L W70S
M75L M75S W75L W75S

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Course splits

Course 1 M21L
Course 2 M35L M40L
Course 3A M50L
Course 3B M21S M45L JM5L W21L
Course 4 M35S M40S M55L M60L JM5M W35L W40L JW5L
Course 5 M65L M21V M45S M50S W45L W50L W21S
Course 6 M70L M55S JM5S W55L W60L W35S W40S JW5S
Course 7 M75L M60S M65S W21V W65L W70L W45S
Course 8 M70S M75S W75L W50S W55S W60S W65S W70S W75S
Course 9 M21N
Course 10 W21N
Course 11 JM4 JW4
Course 12 JM3 JW3 Orange
Course 13 JM2 JW2 Yellow
Course 14 JM1 JW1 White

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Plannerís comments

Putting out the controls on Saturday, we see a Brimstone flutter by (butterfly), it is warm and such a contrast with planning in the snow or rain.

On the day, one hears that the route choices available were being used and one sees competitors taking routes one has not dreamt of. We have debates over rides and tracks and about coniferous and broad leafed trees - must check the symbols when I get back!

I started planning early but the estate is only open after the shooting season in February. However after visiting the game keeper I was able to find the occasional free days when I would be able to avoid the guns. Unfortunately last yearís event had caused some difficulties which the club was not aware of. So I needed to visit the elderberry fruit farmer too. By the way did you try the elderflower cordial Ė if not, perhaps next time? Anyway I agreed any routes I could use Ė stick to the paths! I would create extra OOBs to avoid the problem areas this time.

I had a few ideas before drafting out some courses: I wanted to get them to the terrace - west of Wood Lane, also to use the Fruit farm. So I would use the Church Thorns sites and I would have the long legs to give a choice of staying on the Jubilee Way or descending and going round. I would avoid the far west for course 1&2 in order that this could be used my more competitors in 2007.

The short courses would be straight forward as it is a long way back to the car park anyway! An array of controls was selected in Church Thorns, but the name gives it away - there are usually thorns going in and coming out of the area, with some runnable wood in between. So letís move the planned start to a more sheltered spot, but the JM/W1 still needed to come out of the start the wrong way, so why not a few more!

Shortly before the event we decided to change one of the three map sizes from A4 to A3. Letís redo some of the middle courses again, get rid of course 3a and 3b, also avoid some of the contortions necessary with a smaller map. The week before the event some forestry work is taking place so more map changes are needed. Final details are published. The controller and I meet and we change all the short courses slightly. On Sunday we agree all the courses for the following weekend. Phew!

By the way, a change of controller a month before the event also leads to more interest and intensity! Thanks Mick for all the advice and course improvements; also to my control collectors Ian Wells, Laurie Fluck and John Marriott.

Roger Edwards


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