Results for LEI C5 Night Event, Bagworth, 18/11/2005

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Bagworth Night Event

All week we had been worried that the event would made easier by having a very bright moon, it was full moon on the previous Thursday. Just as the first runners set off, the mist, which had be gathering since dusk, descended like a blanket. Our respect goes out to all runners who set out and experienced Bagworth as they could never have seen it.

What was extraordinary is how little slower you were as compared to similar courses on Sunday. The only big difference was a 20% retrial rate as against a 10% rate in daylight. In the conditions, we were not surprised.

The courses were planned to use different areas to those for Sunday, which meant a little more dead running, but allowed use of an interesting field that we seldom use.

Many thanks to Kevin and his team for the electronics side of things and to all of you for keeping our tradition of night events going.

James & Peter Hornsby LEI

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