Results for LEI District Event, Fermyn & Brigstock, 23/10/2005

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Organisers Comments

I hope everybody enjoyed their trek into the deep south of LEI (and EMOA) country.  Orienteers are a little thin on the ground in that part of Northamptonshire but the club does feel its important to maintain an orienteering presence despite the distance from most of our members and we did achieve some publicity and maybe one or two new members.

Thankfully a bright spell in a week of fairly dismal weather did enhance the day even if the underfoot conditions were a ”little damp”  Judging by the number of bloodstained competitors at the finish the Brigstock thorns had taken their unusual toll. Unfortunately we did have one serious injury when a competitor stepped on a broken bottle in the undergrowth and on behalf of everybody at the event I hope James makes a speedy recovery.

My thanks to my team of helpers and to the staff at Fermyn for their assistance.

Chris Phillips


Controllers Comments

The fact that even at this date late in October it was still British Summer Time was perhaps justified on the day by the pleasant weather competitors enjoyed. The same cannot be said for the days preceding the event and unfortunately some of the rides were rather sticky. Also the afternoon after the event turned very wet, but thanks to the various members who helped bring in the controls,  I and the planner got away without  a drowning.

Help in this regard is especially welcome in that having been up and about since 5.30 and having put five hours in on the previous day the last thing any planner or controller wants, is to have to start all over again , when competitors are making their way happily homeward for a hot bath ( or heading for the pub). Thank you John Mariott, Roger Edwards, Bob Haskins and Laurie Fluck.

I would like to commend Roger on his planning. It was his first event of this standing and he worked hard to find courses which challenged competitors despite the constraints of the area. His original ideas were somewhat thwarted by last minute changes which had to be made due to changes on the ground and we did in fact have to update areas of the map at the last minute.

Notwithstanding this most competitors supported my view that these were still good courses but we must acknowledge that these last minute changes did lead to some potential dog legs and the odd in-and-out.

Thanks to everyone who was involved - the event went very smoothly on the day due in no little extent to the many who worked quietly in the background.

I can only regret that had the event been a week later and clocks gone back we could either have had an extra hour in bed or could have had more time to get everything organised on the morning.

Roy Denney


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