Final Results for LEI Outwoods EM Galoppen Event,  07/03/2004

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Controller comments

The event changed location fairly late on so some compromises had to be made.

The longer courses cannot be full length without a lot of repeated routes. So as at the last event here, courses were made as long as possible without retracing ones steps; so they were inevitably too short.   The area was subject to numerous small map changes, felled areas, extraction lanes, etc so I agreed with the planners (Dave and Jean) recommendation that showing all changes would make the map too cluttered to mark the controls up.  A further copy of the map corrections sheet at the start would have helped those who missed the two notices at registration. We planned to give two maps to all brown course entrants, but this was overlooked early on.

The area is fairly straight forward but catches the unwary in places, individual leg times show many orienteers went round well except for the one poor leg.

The yellow course was adventurous and interesting but every group I saw made the same error at the top of the hill, failing to turn north; perhaps compasses could be used next time!

There was a lot of interest shown by walkers in the woods; it would have been desirable if these people could have been given an instant taster session!? 

Roger Edwards LEI

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Organisers’ comments

 At 8am you would have seen two cold and wet organisers setting up the start wondering if anyone would be foolish enough to want to run round the Outwoods; in the end more than 200 people turned up, the rain stopped and the sun made a brief appearance.  From all the comments we heard at Download you enjoyed the challenges set by Dave and Jean.

We apologise for running out of Blue and Green control descriptions and Instruction sheets – we had far more runners than expected.

We collected parking fees in good faith but it turned out that Charnwood Borough Council did not charge us for the use of the facilities.  We have therefore decided to donate the £75 collected to the Rainbows Childrens’ Hospice which overlooks the Outwoods from Loughborough.

Roger and Ursula Williamson

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