Evington Park SLE
Tuesday 8th May 2001

Evington Park has never been used for an organised LEI event before, even though it has been mapped since 1995 and has a permanent course.

The planning of interesting courses would have been very restricted due to the lack of size and complexity. So a late decision was made to add the nearby open area of the Arboretum and the detailed Piggies Hollow. There was not time to make a full survey, but the main features were mapped. Apologies for the more obvious omissions. At least everybody seemed to enjoy the new areas and there was the novelty of having an aerial photograph on the map.

The good news is that Don Moir has offered to map the area in detail (he's pleased to find an area to map on his doorstep), and I've had some good ideas about map/air photo combinations... watch this space.

Peter Hornsby (mapping@lineone.net)


No runners!






3.2 km.


1 Roy Denney M55 31.40
2 G Moss 32.30
3 Matt Dyas M13 39.00




4.5 km.


1 Roger Edwards M50 30.04
2 Jim Mallinson M50 31.50
3 Chris Bosley M50 34.09
4 Ian Wilson M35 34.25
5 David Bray M45 35.10
6= John Ward M55 35.40
6= Ian Wells M45 35.40
8 A Mills W30 36.55
9 Robert Kerr M40 37.00
10 Liz Phillips W35 37.30
11 Ian Ball   38.30
12 Simon Ford M55 38.55
13 Mike Hampton M55 39.25
14 Colin Drury “Aged” 39.40
15 David Anderson M60 40.30
16 Kevin Bradley M45 42.00
17 Vivien Law W40 42.50
18 Don Moir M65 43.05
19 Andy Portsmouth M45 44.10
20 Sue Bicknell W55 45.20
21 Pete Leake M60 46.25
22 Thelma Spalton W50 46.30
23 Shirley Moir W60 59.20