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Notes on RouteGadget

Recent updates to web browsers have made access to Routegadget rather difficult with many users getting security warnings and recently being blocked. We have now implemented a newer version of Routegadget (RG2) that may help.

RG2 is being written by Simon Errington and is still being developed so may not be fully functional. However it is very user friendly and offers more features than the original Routegadget, It also avoids the security problems found in the original version.

To use the new Routegadget (RG2) just follow the links. All previous results and events should also be on that link.

To quote from Routegadget UKs site:
The original RG used Java (not related to Javascript) which runs as a separate application within your browser. Java has been used to hack into computers and is now considered a security risk because it allows access to bits of your computer that allow it to infect it. RG itself isn’t a security risk, but because the Java language it is written in is used by the bad guys, newer computers/operating systems have been gradually restricting it’s ability to run. So if you have an old computer/operating system and you don’t regularly update it you are probably best off using the original RG, but if you have newer stuff and update it regularly you will probably get a much better user experience from RG2.
Peter Hornsby

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